Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 46 Another busy week of finding famlies!

Hey friends and family!
Another week has come and gone!! We found 3 new families to teach! I cannot believe it! I am almost at the 1 year mark! I am still here in the good ol´ Imbaya but now with Hna. Alvarado! She is from El Salvador! We were in the Coast together in the same zone for one transfer and were always asking each other when we were going to be companions!

We went to Cumbas to visit one investigator, Ximena and ended up visiting her sister, Ana. It was kind of funny. She also really liked listening to us. We finished the lesson, missed the bus, and ended up walking an hour and a half to get to the main road to catch another bus... This sector sometimes... We visited a family of recent converts and it was a little sad because the wife is really sick and they think that it might be cancer. We tried to emphasize that they need to keep preparing to be sealed in the temple. We got to celebrate the birthday of the hermana and she told me that for her present, she wanted a bunch of recipes haha Another sad moment was that we went to visit David and he was super excited to open up about why he struggles with church and everything. The sad thing was that he told us that soon he is planning to go live in Italy with his parents and won´t come back until September... :( I guess we just have to make the most of our time!

We went to teach Roberto and the funniest thing happened! He was watching his niece while his sister was making lunch and in the middle of our lesson, he stands up and starts saying "Ay chi chi!" (how cold!). We noticed that his niece had peed through her diaper and onto his lap (it looked like he peed his pants...). We almost died of laughter and almost could not finish the lesson. We take a recent convert named Mauricio to do visits with us and today, while walking for forever, we talked about the mission and why we decided to come on the mission. Mauricio has been really wishy-washy because he is close to turning 25 years old and thinks that he is too old to serve. We explained the blessings that come from serving and he told us that he would think about it.

As English tutor, if everyone in your district passes their 11th English test, the whole district gets ice cream. On Monday, I had to buy ice cream because everyone had passed test 11. It was a super fun way to end as a district. Afterwards, we ate cake because two elders in our zone finished their missions. I was so done with sugar today... Oooof! We found two families today! One is going to take a lot of work to get them progressing and the other one, the wife, Rebeka, is the sister of a brother who was baptized about a year and a half ago and is serving a mission currently in Peru. It was fun to talk to them and how all they lack is a little more faith. The husband will be a little harder to work with in this family but we are going to do it! Mauricio told us that he wants to serve a mission! I was SO excited when I heard him tell us! And! His sister is supporting his decision (she is not a member but I think is listening to missionaries where she lives...)!!! He started telling everyone in our visits that he was going to be just like us missionaries! He has an interview on Saturday with the bishop!

We have a super funny less active that I think will be reactivated in about 5 months because we can never seem to find him! BUT! We found him again and now, he only lacks a little bit of the lessons to be reactivated! Little by little... Later in the night, we got a call from Rebeka asking if we could come help her. We put together about 100 of the cute little Otavalian baby dresses! Awwww! I just really want to bring home baby clothes sometimes... ;) 

We spent a good majority of our time waiting for buses that never showed... :( Hahaha Obviously Heavenly Father was saying that it was time to change plans and adapt accordingly. We originally were planning on going to Gualsaqui but that bus never came, so we went to Cumbas. We found Ximena and another family to teach! Now we just have to get all of these new investigators progressing! We talked to a couple who said that Jesus did not have siblings but with the scriptures we read, it says he did... Honestly, if it does not have anything to do with your salvation, it´s not important! Come on people... Gotta love the things that people worry about over here...

Roberto is officially reactivated! YAY! Church was fun. We had a combined hour at the end where they talked about emergency preparedness. I told Hna. Carrasco that I had every right to be worried and make her pack a backpack for in case something happens... She just laughed. We had a deep doctrinal discussion with our mamita then went to do visits. We were introduced to a few people by a member. Member references are the best! Tonight we received the calls for transfers and Hna. Carrasco did not like that I kept saying that she would finish her mission in the Coast. She went to Atacames in the Coast! It was pretty funny...
Well, I hope you have a great week! Keep me up-to-date!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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