Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 45 And the earth began to shake... again... and again...

Hey friends and family!
I don´t know how much is in the news but we did get a little shook up here in the good ol´ Imbaya! Twice! 
We had our interviews today! Bum bum bummmmmm!! It was a little sad because Pres. Richardson reminded us that this was our last time that we would have the opportunity to have an interview with him and Hna. Richardson... :( We had a small training from him about how we need to strive to reach our full potential and then in our interviews, he asked where we felt we were with our full potential. Our area book passed with Hna. Richardson again! :) Boom! We did some practices and headed home for the night. 

Nothing beats waking up at 3am to your house shaking... I may or may not have panicked... I made Hna. Carrasco put together a little bag with a change of clothes along with our 72hour kit because I could not seem to fall asleep. She was not too thrilled to be doing that at 3am but did it all the same. Later, I got a very excited call from my district leader notifying me that they had both passed English test 11 (there are 25 English modules to help Latinos learn English in the mission) which qualified them to receive brownies. I almost died laughing at the call... About 15 minutes later, the house began to shake again but this time, it lasted for 2 minutes. Hna. Carrasco was the one to panic this time. Hna. Carrasco and I are ok and so is the house. It was just a little "shaking" (hahahaha I am punny...) to have this happen again...  Later in the evening, we visited a less active named David. It was our first time visiting him and his story made me a little sad. He has struggled with the word of wisdom and the law of chastity for years. He said that he would be so close to be worthy to take the Sacrament and then last minute would fall back into temptation. We talked about having faith and the power of repentance. You could feel the spirit so strong! He said that he really wanted to try this time to overcome his problems. I am so excited to work with him.

As a joke to the my district leader and his companion, I brought a bunch of choclo as their prize for passing their English exams. They were not the least excited but afterwards, I gave them their brownies and they were fine. Our zone leaders told us that other mission presidents´ wives all over Ecuador have been having dreams about more earthquakes that are going to happen and how we have to be prepared. An hermano told us that this happened in Chile too when a temple was annouced. Basically, Heavenly Father is calling the people of Ecuador to repentance before the temple comes.

We went to a new part (for me) of the sector to visit a few potentials. We found a few new people to teach and they began to ask us our thoughts about the earthquakes and what not. All we could really say was that we need to prepare ourselves physically and spiritually. Later in the afternoon, we got to play in the maiz! We helped take out the bad corn for a less active family. The wife is so funny because she told me that I have to marry someone from Otavalo. She says that if she had a son, we would get married and she would build me the cutest little house where I would live for 5 months until it was time to go visits the suegros (in-laws). I almost died of laughter. This family is a little bit of a process. We are still trying to gain their confidence. 

We visited the family Perugachi (less actives) in Gualsaqui with the bishop. It was an awesome visit because even though the parents weren´t there, we were still able to talk with the oldest son. He told us that he wanted to change the atmosphere of his family and that he wanted to be like us, the missionaries! :) Nothing makes me more happier than to hear that the youth want to serve missions. A lot of our less actives that we are close to reactivating are of age to serve a mission and are really excited! One of our recent converts gave us hammocks! I can now die in peace! ;) I just don´t have anywhere to hang it up... :( sad day... oh well!

We finally taught one of our less actives, Brian, who we have been looking for forever!! He is impossible to find but we finally were able to teach him! One step closer to being reactivated... We had our weekly noche de hogar in the chapel. We watched Meet the Mormons and it made me miss American pizza (it is not the same here...)! Everyone really enjoyed the movie and even brought some of their nonmember friends!! :) 
One of the pictures is of me and Mateo. We had a dinosaur fight today. Yes... I am 21 years old and have dinosaur fights! ;) It was hilarious! 
Hope you all have a great week! 

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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