Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 47 It is so Cold!!!!

Hey friends and family!

I never thought that I would say this... I MISS THE HEAT OF THE COAST! SEND ME BACK!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hahaha, it has been so cold this week! It is ridiculous! I am dying! It is all Hna. Alvarado´s fault! Ever since she came to be with me in Imbaya... ;) Just kidding! But seriously though, it is so cold! It has been raining like crazy!
Tonight, we visited a family of recent converts who do not come to church every week. The other week, we learned that the wife has been really sick and they are worried that she might have cancer... We went with her home teachers to give her a blessing (the men gave it, not us... That would be apostasty...). It was amazing! I love listening to Priesthood blessings. It talked a lot about obedience and faith. Really, all blessings from Heavenly Father work through our faith and obedience. After the lesson, they gave us chocolate cake :)

We did visits in the evening with the Bishop. We ended up climbing several mountains it felt like! We tried to visit one inactive but she was not home and ended up visiting another family, Fam. Otavalo. They have lived in our ward boundaries for over a year and a half but attend another ward every once in a while. They still do not want to attend our ward but we are not giving up on them yet. We just have to help them feel comfortable in the church. Our ward mission leader said that maybe it is because we really have to focus in on strengthening the head of the house. I will keep you posted on them...
We visited our recent convert, Freddy, and his recently reactivated brother, Cleber. They are doing so awesome! They asked if we could do a family night with them. We have planned to do it with the inactive Young Men´s president to see if this can help get him motivated to come to church. On Sunday,we were told that we needed to get him active. We get a ton of references, most are for inactives. I personally do not mind. I actually really like working with less actives. 
It makes me really sad when people do not want to come to church, especially if it is for their spouse... One hermana does not want to come to church because her husband does not like feeling obligated to come to church. Hopefully, we can have an appointment with him this week. We visited our recent convert who likes to attend a different ward... She stopped coming to our ward because she feels inadequate for her calling. We talked a lot about how the Lord qualifies those he calls (I mean, look at where I am at... And how I haven´t died yet...). She is set to be released from her calling so that she can have a little more time to learn in the church before she receives another calling. 
All the plans come crashing down! Welcome to the life of a missionary! Actually, it is not that bad. It gives you the chance to try to find out what Heavenly Father wants us to do. We did a little service for a member and then ate lunch. We tried to catch the bus to Cumbas (the bus schedule is super picky here...) but missed it. We took another bus then walked an hour to a less active. After visiting with her, we visited the family of recent converts from Monday. The wife was doing tons better and she gave us a reference for her niece and family! 
We found the son of another family of recent converts named Freddy. He is super awesome but really shy! He had listened to missionaries before but I am guessing that missionaries got transferred and he was forgotten. He accepted baptism! Our less actives this week have all decided to be a little difficult in finding... But I still love them all the same! We had a really good correlation with our ward mission leader. I am really excited for our goals that we have made! We are going to be working super hard!
It was a good day! We had the daughter of the reference from the recent converts come to church and she really liked it!! :) Today, I got to see my old district leader El. TituaƱa! He is in my stake here but not in my ward. He came to sing in the choir and told me that he is soon getting married. I cannot believe how time flies and what things can change in such a short time! 

I hope you all have a great week! And I hope to hear from you soon!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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