Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 43 This week of the Book of Mormon

Hey friends and family!
This week was a fun week! Our district leader gave us the challenge where we had to carry around a Book of Mormon in our hands the whole week and contact with it. If we put it down or carried it in our bags, we had to contact an extra 5 people.
We had a ton of appointments today but the best were the last two. We found a lady named Maria Muenala. In talking to her, she could really feel the spirit and was excited to talk to us. Sadly, her work schedule really sucks... We also began to teach a less active named Roberto and he is progressing so well! He has been coming to church and we have been flying through the missionary lessons with him!

I learned how to make humitas today! It was so fun, we got to help an hermana who we reactivated this week to make a ton of humitas and the best part is that she gave us a ton to take home! I just love humitas! I also discovered how to make myself a no-bake cookie in a cup! ;) It was a pretty food filled day even though we did not have a mamita!

We had our zone conference today and it was actually really fun. We talked about how the whole mission is trying to prepare every missionary to be a leader. After taking a bunch of notes, we did a few activities to remind us of our potential. We did a "how high can you jump" contest and I took 3rd in the whole zone! I am quite proud of that one. Then we did wall-sits with our eyes shut as our zone leader yelled at us "give me your best", "don´t you quit", and other various motivations. It was super hard but I won! I beat everyone in the zone! And then I could not walk for the rest of the meeting... Good times! In the evening, we visited the family Tituaña and hermano Carlos had a hymn book from 1942 that he found at his brother-in-law´s house before he got baptized and they figured that they would just keep it. It was so cool to look at and interesting to see how hymns have changed over the years.

I got to go see Ibarra today. If I could describe it best, I would have to say that it looks a lot like California. I got to be with Hna. Mortera! It was so fun to work with her. Appointments fell for two hours so we contacted and met a lady named Cecilia. She said that this is exactly what she was looking for for her family. 

My cool Book of Mormon story: I got robbed of my Book of Mormon while waiting to be picked up by Hna. Mortera. A guy kept looking at the book and I said hi and started to explain the book. He asked if he could look at it and immediately began to read it. The bus came for us to go and he gave it back. We sat down and he asked if he could see it again. As I was leaving, I noticed that he was showing it to his son and I told him that he could keep reading it. He was so excited!

I got back to Imbabura and we visited a guy named Juan that Hna. Carrasco found the other day with Hna. Hermann. He was really cool and our ward mission leader accompanied us. Juan says that he likes what he feels when he listens to us talk about the gospel but he could not come to church this week because of previous committments... :( he really likes to read the Book of Mormon though!

Happy mothers day!! We dressed up in anaco again! This time it was not as painful! ;) My ward mission leader was super awesome and let me use his computer to skype my family... That ended up dying... So he let me use his phone! It was so fun to get to talk to the family! We had a noche de hogar with the ward afterwards. It was a good way to end the week!
I hope you all had an awesome mothers day! In Alma 56: 47-48 talks about how the Stripling Warriors doubted not because their mothers knew. I doubt not because my mom knows and I know too! Moms are awesome! All my mission moms are awesome too (My mom Hna. Susana helped me put on my anaco for Sunday)! I hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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