Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 42 Don't Worry, I am covered!

(Megan's Visa has been renewed is what mom is thinking.)

Hey friends and family!
This has been another busy week in the world of Otavalo and potatoes! I did quite the bit of traveling to Quito but that is a little bit later...

I got a text early Monday morning saying that I had a doctor´s appointment in Quito. Later that night, I got a call from my zone leaders telling me that I had to go to Quito for my specialized training that I missed because of transfers. I then called the Assistants to ask about my doctor´s appointment and the specialized training and they told me that I had to come to Quito to renew my visa. Let´s just say I killed 3 birds with one stone. I left Otavalo at 6 am and sat waiting for the training until 1pm. I was unofficially officially companions with Hna. Anderson (from high school Spanish classes!!)! I also got to see Hna. Thomas, Hna. Maynez, Hna. Nowicki, and Hna. Jueschke! It was a happy little reunion to see everyone from my old zone. We talked about teaching the plan of salvation in a more efficient way. We ended up staying in the house of the nurse.

I got up super early to renew my visa. Hna. Dias and I were the only ones renewing our visa and ended up waiting 2 hours to renew them but hey, I am legal again to be here! ;) Afterwards, we went and ate lunch with the hermana leaders in San Carlos. I had my doctor´s appointment and then headed back to Otavalo. Hna. Anderson and I had a good chat about decisions and how our decisions have gotten us to the point in our lives where we are now. 

We had our consejo de la zona. It was a pretty good meeting. After the meeting, I got my scripture case cover! :) I love it! And my scriptures are grateful for it too! We took one step out the door of the chapel and it began to downpour! Hna. Carrasco and I were drenched by the time we got to our mamita. It rains so much here in Otavalo! It´s crazy! 

Sometimes, Heavenly Father just really knows how to answer prayers. I have been praying for the past week to feel better: physically, mentally, and emotionally, and Heavenly sent a few people my way. We found a new lady that accepted baptism named Janeth. She was pretty excited to listen to us as we talked about the family and she said that this is what she wants for her family. Now we just have to teach the whole family! Tonight we talked about watching ¨Meet the Mormons¨ for a ward noche de hogar with our ward mission leader. We have gotten so many comments from recent converts and less actives that our ward is really boring so we are trying to do more exciting things to help create more friendships in this ward. When we got home, I had to call the zone leaders and it was just a nice conversation. Then my hermana leaders called to check up on me and to share a scripture. It was a nice way to end the night.

The funny thing about our sector is that we have a lot of land in it. That being said, we have a lot of indigenous that do not speak Spanish or understand very little of it. We talked to a couple who did not speak much Spanish but enjoyed talking about the family. In this sector, we have to bring members that speak Kechwa. Later in the evening, we had a noche de hogar with a semi-active family. It was so fun to read a little bit in the Book of Mormon with them and talk about the chapter we read. 

We talked about family history and the importance of it in our ward counsel meeting. The church is putting a lot of emphasis on finding our antepasados (I can´t remember how to spell it in English... awkward...). After church, we ate lunch and then visited Janeth. Unfortunately she could not come to church but still was excited to see us. She kept apologizing because she could not come to church. It was cute. After her, we went and had our weekly ward noche de hogar. It was super fun because Hna. Carrasco and I gave a thought about how we need to have charity. Then we played a game called ¨Hablame el animalito¨ where one person is blindfolded, people make animal noises, and the person has to guess who they are. It was hilarious but a little weird... Gotta love these people. 
Today for a district activity we went to a lagoon called Cotacachi, an old volcano. It was so pretty there! The water was so blue! We ate lunch and took a bunch of goofy pictures.

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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