Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 44 What my zone leader taught me...

Hey friends and family!
My zone leader taught me how to juggle and how to play blackjack. That moment that you forget your camera in a cyber cafe and all you want to do is cry...
While contacting, we found a less active and his girlfriend. He told us how he went inactive because he was mad at God for everything that had happened to him with his wife and sons. (He is separated and his sons live in the states) We talked about the Plan of Salvation with him and also about the Atonement. He started crying and said that we could come visit! Then he started to tell me about how he had lived in the states and how he misses bacon... Now I really want bacon... We explored a part of our sector that is wayyyyyyyyyy out in the middle of nowhere... Well, it took an hour to get there by car but still! We visited some members who come to church every once in a while and we shared a few messages with them. They spoke very little Spanish so it was a good thing that we went with some members that speak Kechwa. We got back to Otavalo and did visits with the Bishop. We went to a family that has been active and inactive off and on. They are super awesome but their neighbors have a super scary dog! I may or may not have pushed the bishop between me and the dog... 

We have a super sassy less active named Roberto who told us today that we could visit him Friday... In 2017... He is doing super well and this next Sunday, he will be reactivated! We visited some other less actives and they are all progressing so very well! I love working with less actives! :)

I left my camera in the cyber on Monday! I did not realize it until today... Hna. Carrasco told me that we could go to the cyber and ask but I was feeling a little discouraged. I said a little prayer and we went to the cyber before our meeting. I found my camera! The lady who owns the cyber noticed the camera and knew it was mine. She kept a hold of it until we came back! Good people do exist! :) During our zone meeting, our zone leader taught us how to juggle... I can now juggle! Our district leader accompanied us so of course, all of our appointments fell! Oh well! We ended up walking a ton out in Azama and found a new family to teach! On the way to looking for our less active that we had an appointment with, a little girl came up behind me yelling "Gringita! Gringita! Come to my house and meet my mom!" I was dragged, with Hna. Carrasco and the elders laughing behind me, to a house and the mom apologized profusely for the inconvienience of her daughter. I could not help but laugh. Oh the ways we meet people here...

We found a bunch of new people today! One of the really great lessons was with a lady named Olga. She originally did not want to let us in but in talking to her, she let us in. She had been through some pretty rough stuff with her mom abandoning her and how she was tired of listening to missionaries from all kinds of churches coming to her house and telling her that she had to forgive her mom. Of course, we have to forgive but through the Atonement of Christ, we can heal our wounds. We shared Alma 7:11-12 where it talks about how not only Christ suffered for our sins but also for our pains and afflictions. We finished the lesson and she prayed for help through the Atonement to forgive her mom! It was such a great lesson!

We went to the baptism of our district and then headed to Gualsaqui. We met with a family of less actives and it was actually really sad. They have had so many problems and they just seem to get worse the farther they are from the Gospel. It breaks my heart to listen to the struggles that people have when they do not live the word of wisdom... We talked about how the Gospel could heal the wounds of everything that has happened. This is why we have the Word of Wisdom people... We visited the F. Ruiz who were recently reactivated two weeks ago. It was an awesome visit because it just so happened that the husband was home visiting for the weekend. He is not a member and has been investigating the church for a while. We talked about the Restoration and he told us that he was ready to be baptized! The only problem is that he works all the time in the Orient and only comes home every 3 weeks... He said that he will probably be baptized in Coca...

We had quite the busy Sunday. Ward counsel went well as usual. The stake has put a goal to send out 5 missionaries from every ward before the end of the year. We just so happen to be working with a bunch of less actives that are all around the age of serving a mission! After church, we went and did visits with the Relief Society president. Unfortunately, one of our investigators who really wants to progress says that we cannot come visit because her husband gets really upset... :( We still have hope for her! Later in the evening, we had our weekly noche de hogar in the home of F. Ruiz. I had to dance the chicken dance... Afterwards, we talked to Hno. Ruiz and he told us that he wants to be baptized here instead of in the Orient! :) The only thing is that we have to get all the lessons in and talk to Presidente about how we will go about getting him baptized... He got really excited when we told him that he could be sealed to his family after being a member for one year!
We had our zone activity today and our zone leader, who is from Vegas, taught us how to play blackjack... Hahaha what we learn in the mission ;) 
I hope you have a great week and to hear from you soon!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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