Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 24 A Christmas to Remember

Hey my friends and family!
Wow, Christmas really snuck up fast and left even quicker! I hope you all were able to enjoy your day with family and friends. I had a blast here with my peeps and talking with the family!
We had Hna. Silva with us so we decided to do divisions. Hna. Silva and I dropped Hna. Ccoycca off with a member and headed off to work. We found a bunch of potential families. We have been visiting a girl named Lady who really likes listening to our messages and reading her Book of Mormon. She tells us everytime that she really likes what she feels when she reads, prays, and listens to us but still does not feel ready to make the committment to baptism. At the end of the day, we collected Hna. Ccoycca and headed home.
We had our weekly meeting today instead of Thursday because of the holidays. We talked about unity in our companionships and had 3 legged races. It was super funny to watch all the elders be super competitive. While walking to an appointment, Hno. Cando asked where we were going to skype our families. We told Hno. Cando that we were going to use an internet cafe near our house and he told us no and that we were going to his house.
The owner of our house gave us a bunch of sugar cane, yucca, and platanos. We looked funny all day carrying around the stuff and giving it to people. We went to the Family Cando and gave them a bunch of the yucca and platanos. I skyped first and then while Hna. Ccoycca was skyping, I baked cookies and chatted with the family about the random things of my life. They plan on helping me find a husband and figuring out my life plan. Gotta love these people. 
Christmas day! Crazy to think it is already Christmas! We spent the first hour and a half of our Christmas calling members to see who we could spend Christmas with. We ended up spending it with the Family Avila and listening to the stories about how when Hno. Avila was single, he got hit on a ton by crazy single woman in the ward because he was bishop at the time. It was funny. We got home and our ward mission leader dropped off some food for us. It was awesome .
The whole ward went to the beach for the ward Christmas party so we ended up starving... No! Just kidding, we ate the food that our ward mission leader brought us. Afterwards, we kidnapped Hna. Karla who did not go to the activity and made a bunch of visits. We officially finished teaching a less active named Jose and now he is considered fully active again! He was a sassy one to work with.
We got to church super late... For a good cause! One of our investigators, Sandra, who has been making 9 billion and 2 excuses for why she could not go to church finally agreed to come! And for that, we got to church after the sacrament. She actually really liked church. Later in the afternoon, we did divisions again with two hermanas who are planning on serving missions soon. I went with an hermana named Julie. We got a lot done and it was funny because we went to visit the Family Zambrano and talked about the 10 commandments. When we got to ¨thou shalt not kill¨, they ended up having a discussion about how it was ok as long as it was in defense. They discussed it for 5 minutes and to think I thought it was a simple commandment to follow! Apparently not! ;) Anyways later in the evening, we taught a young couple who is not married but one is a member. They are now getting ready to plan their wedding so that she can be baptized. We went with some members who really helped a lot with their testimonies about the importance of marriage. Afterwards, the married couple told us that they were going to bring us food for New Years Eve since we have to be in the house at 5.
That was my crazy busy week. It was truly amazing to celebrate Christmas here in the mission and I loved every minute! I hope you guys have an awesome week and a Happy New Year!
Until next year,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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