Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 20 It is coming... The rain is coming...

Hola mis queridos!

This week... The rains began... The rainy season for Ecuador had already started but here in La Costa, it doesn´t start until December but hey, why not start a little early? I probably will be wet until I leave here because we never fully dry out and our clothes after we wash them take about 3 days to dry. Wet, wet, wet... :) But hey, that is life here!

We had a lesson with Nicole, a recent convert who has not been assisting. It was fun to talk to her and we are going to try to work with Young women´s to help her. Interviews were good. Mostly we sat and listened to the Assistants and reviewed some other things with Presidente. We were given the challenge to read all of Preach My Gospel by Feb. 25th, that´s 242 pages in Spanish. I am kind of cheating and reading it in English (it´s shorter but hey, still the same stuff). Back in August, the mission was given the challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 3 months but I wasn´t there. Don´t worry, I am still reading it and am trying to finish before Christmas. We also had our area book checked. If the whole zone passed their inspection of their area book, we all get cake. Guess what! We get cake!! Eventually...

We had a bunch of appointments. One was with a gentleman named Giovanni. He spent 5 minutes telling us that we were beautiful people for preaching the word of God. It was a little weird, but that´s mission life. Later in the evening, we watched The Restauration with a bunch of investigators and recent converts. It was a fun night.

Thanksgiving! Weird to think that today was Thanksgiving... It did not really feel like Thanksgiving. As a zone, we ate tacos I don´t know what Heavenly Father is trying to tell me but every time we have a meeting for either zone or district, I always give a thought on a attribute of Christ. I guess I am just not as Christ like as I thought I was... Oops... Later in the day, Mariela, our mamita for Wednesdays, gave us tamales as we passed by to see if she could accompany us to an appointment. Tamales and tacos? Good way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I had divisions today with Hna. Gummersall. We travelled 2 hours to Quiñide. Since their mamita can´t feed the missionaries after 1pm, we ate chicken and french fries at a restaraunt with creepy owners. We visited a bunch of people, contacted a ton, and then tried to go to the weekly Ward family home evening. Unfortunately, something happened in one of the families that was in charge, so it was cancelled. We ended up talking to random people on the way home. Quiñide is so cooler (temperature) than Esmeraldas. If only... Nahh I love the ward here too much to change.

We planned family home evening nights with a bunch of families. They are the best ways to help investigators to get to know the members of the ward. We taught a friend of a recently reactivated member and his neighbor. They are so cute! The kid that we are teaching, Edwin, after the lesson likes to practice little English phrases with me.

The people we wanted to come to church didn´t come to church and the people we did not expect to come to church, came to church... I don´t know how that works... But hey, it´s all the same, we all need to go to church! After church, we ate some good ol´ guatita... It´s not my favorite but food is food... It actually was better than the first time I had it. In the evening, we visited a girl named Edith and her mom. Her mom did not really want to listen to us before but now, she told us that she is just like Joseph Smith, looking for the right church. The lesson went awesome and we have a scheduled tour with them for later this week.

That´s pretty much my week all summed up! I was thinking a lot about what I am grateful for and I really do have a lot to be grateful for. Mostly, I am grateful for this opportunity that I have received (again) to serve a mission. I learn so much day to day and can see little by little the changes in me. Sometimes I wonder how I can keep going on but then I spend time with the people here who don´t have this light in their lives. I am reminded that I have to put my worries aside and help these people find this light. It is amazing how this gospel can change people´s lives, if they only just let it in.

I hope y´all have a great week and hope to hear from you soon!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

The pictures are of me with Hna Silva, our hermana líder. She loves greeting me on the steps because then she can be taller than me. The other is me in front of el Rio Blanco (oh the irony!)

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