Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 25 And we dwelt in our tents in the wilderness... (or...

My dear family and friends,

Happy New Year!? 2016!!! Woooo! What are your goals for the new year?

We went to teach a lady that Hna. Ccoycca found the week prior when we did divisions and she did not seem all too excited. We started focusing more on her mom and her mom accepted the baptismal challenge. The only problem is that she does not live in our sector/district/zone. Dang it! Oh well, the other missionaries can teach her. We are all on the same team, right?

We made a ton of copies today for all of our informes that we had to give to our zone leaders (it was ridiculous how many copies we made). Later in the evening while waiting to have correlation with our Ward mission leader, we left to make copies and to call him. He told us that he had been waiting at the church for a while (he got there right after we had left). Today was the first time that we had Ward counsel and correlation in over two weeks due to holidays.

New Years Eve! We visited with Carmen, a less active, and her daught Gina, who gave us super sugary jello to drink. It was kinda really gross because she added sugar. Later in the afternoon, we passed by our ward mission leader and he told us that we should probably go home a little early because everyone was drinking heavily (there were people drinking at 10 in the morning! Ridiculous!). We were suppose to be in the house at 5 but we came back a little early because in our sector, there were way too many men out drinking. Our neighbor above brought us turkey and potatoes and showed us her muñeco. Here in Ecuador, they do two things to celebrate the new year. One, burn paper mache manequins at midnight (muñecos) and two, single guys dress up in black dresses called viudas ("widows") and run around collecting money for beer. It was quite the sight.

We ate lunch with the family Angulo, the hermano that we recently reactivated. It was fun to chat with them but they were super exhausted from the neighborhood party they held the night before. Later in the evening, we were having a lesson with the family Tul. They are less actives and we are currently working with them. They have the cutest, rowdiest kids ever. The spirit was so strong when we were talking about Joseph Smith and the Restoration.

We ended up eating and being stuck at the family Avila´s house because it was raining so hard. We were wet all day long. We taught Katherine and Enrique, a Young couple who we are working with to get them married and Katherine baptized. They are doing awesome and finally were able to put a date on their wedding for the 24 of February!

We ran around all morning trying to help get less actives and investigators to church. After church, we went and ate lunch. Hna. Ccoycca was not feeling well so we ended up coming home after lunch and she was throwing up for a good portion of time. She fell asleep so I organized the house a little bit and made brownies (I finally have a good récipe!). She is doing a lot better today!

For Pday today, we went to the centro and goofed off. Then we ate schwarma. I have decided that I really like schwarma.

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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