Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 23 I feel like I live in a hotel

Buenas tardes mis queridos!
This week was full of people coming and going from our apartment. It sometimes feel like we live in a hotel because hermanas come and go. I spent the first part of the week with Hna Beltran and then her companion, Hna Farfan, joined us in the apartment. Last night Hna Silva and Hna Bosse came to stay the night in our apartment. This morning Hna Bosse left to go to Quito to celebrate Christmas with Presidente y Hna Richardson, so Hna Silva is going to be with us for the next few days (I think we are going to do divisions tomorrow so she only has to travel to Esmeraldas once for divisions with us). It is fun though to have other hermanas stay with us. It is like one big sleep over that we have quite frequently. 
We visited an old investigator who we could never find because she started working a ton. She was still reading and still praying which is really awesome. She still is not quite ready to be baptized but we plan to keep working with her. Later in the afternoon, we waited for what felt like forever for an investigator to show up but he never showed up. While trying to lock up the church, our key got stuck. We had a bunch of people try and ended up having to leave our key. We got a new one eventually but it was really funny.  
It is always funny when you set appointments with members and right as you get to their house, they get on a bus and leave... We had that happen several times today and it was pretty funny. I guess they really did not want us to visit them... Just kidding!
We visited a ton of people and found a bunch of families with potential. Later in the evening, we celebrated the birthday of one of the daughters of our mamita. We ate ice cream. Good way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me. We were suppose to have correlation with our ward mission leader but he never showed up. Later we found out that it was because he was doing visits with the elders. We went to the terminal to pick up Hna. Beltran and her new companion. They ended up staying the night with us. 
We had our meetings that we usually have on Thursday today because of people training in the zone. It was fun to get to know our zone because a lot of them are new. We were challenging one of our investigators to baptism when her mom came and took her to a doctor appointment! Ahhh! No! Next time I guess...
 We are visiting a less active named Jose who is a soccer coach. He is a sassy guy and since he thinks he knows it all, we decided to teach him by having him teach us what he knows. It was actually a pretty good lesson. We went to the church to talk to the bishop about some less actives that we need to visit and since there was an activity going on, we were given food. Then we visited a recent convert named Santiago and he is awesome. He told us that his mom is Christian but he did not like going to her church. When he started coming to our church, he felt that he had finally found the right church. He is 18 and super excited to serve a mission!
 We ate lunch with the family Mendoza today. Well... We ate lunch in their house, they were next door. Hna. Mendoza is president of the stake primary and was in Quinindae. We have rules that we cannot be in a house with only men, so Hno. Mendoza and his son left the food on the table for us and went next door to wait until we were done. This was an interesting experience.
This week is Christmas! And for that, here is a picture of Hna. Ccoycca and I with a creepy Santa manequin. We ate at a Chinese restaurant for lunch and explored El Centro (the center of Esmeraldas). It was fun but exhausting because we did so much walking. We will be with Hna. Silva, the shorter hermana, until Wednesday when her companion gets back from Quito. I hope you all have a Feliz Navidad and remember to look up the video on!
Until Next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana
PS. Christmas is really weird without snow... but there are tons of pictures here with snow...

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