Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 21 I lost my shoe... In the mud... Way too many times...

Hey there my dear friends and family!

What a week! We had stake conference and it was the world wide Christmas devotional. 

While trying to find people this week, we found an elderly sister who had been inactive for over 3 years because she cannot walk very well. In talking to ward counsel, we found out that she had gone to Guyaquil for the past 3 years and did not know she was back but will be working towards helping her come to church or at least having someone take the sacrament to her this week. Later in the evening, we had a family home evening with Bryan (was baptized 2 weeks ago), his brother, and our mamita for Wednesdays, Mariella. We watched a short movie about the life of Christ and then ate lots of empanadas! It rained so much, we were drenched by the time we got home. When it rains here, it pours!

We tried to climb a hill while it was raining... Nope... Did not work out... We could not find the people at home and ended up going to visit a less active. When we got to the members home, she laughed so hard after seeing how muddy we were.

I had divisions today with Hna. Silva, the hermana lider for our zone. We had meetings until 3pm (usually we finish by 1:30...). We were able to make a few visits then we had to sit through another 2 hours of meetings with our ward mission leader and ward counsel. Thursdays are hard because we sit in meetings almost all day. 

We switched back to our normal companions, and Hna Castro and I set off to work. We tried to climb another muddy hill and it took almost 15 minutes to climb this hill that normally takes 3... It was a struggle but we survived! While trying to get the mud off my shoes (the mud here suctions to my shoes and is nearly impossible to get off), I flicked my foot and my shoe went flying. I had to wait some time for my shoe because Hna. Castro was dying of laughter.

I have been here in La Costa for a month now! That is weird to think about... It has gone from being super hot to being only really hot but super wet with rain! We had stake conference this evening and it was my first time going to the adult session in my entire life (I am a big kid now). Presidente and Hermana Richardson were invited to speak so we got to talk to them before but we left early because it was 9pm and I do not feel comfortable out of the house after 8:30.

We had the normal session of stake conference and then ate lunch with the Familia Mendoza. We tried visiting a bunch of people but no one was really home. We went to the Christmas devotional at the church (you can look for it on and it was awesome! We had a gringo room so I got to listen to it in English! :)

It was a hard week. We had a lot of potential for new investigators and even more to have a fecha but it all fell. I was trying so hard not to be discouraged but it hurt to have so much work feel like it had gone to waste. Last night in the Christmas devotional, Sis. Burton talked about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of it. [I did not know everything but I knew enough.] I also read in Preach My Gospel this morning about the Fall of Adam and that he fell so that we could be here. In our lives on earth, we are here to experience joy but we would not be able to understand the joy we feel if we did not experience pain and sadness. I may not fully understand why all our appointments fell but I know that there is a reason for everything.

Transfers are next week!! Ahhh! I will know Sunday night if I am to stay in La Costa or if I am to go somewhere else!

Until next time, 
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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