Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 72: How to Properly Contact a referral: Throw up at the end of it... Oops!

Hey friends and family!
Happy Thanksgiving (a little tardy...)! It was a pretty quiet week but a fun week!

We had our district meeting then had to hop on a bus to Quito for a doctor's appointment for Hna. del Rosario. She did not want to go but we went anyways. While there, I got to chit chat with a bunch of random people while waiting for Hna. del Rosario. Afterwards, we got KFC and hung out in the nurse's apartment because they would not let us travel back to Otavalo that night... Horrible decision right there...

We had to get up at 4am to get everything ready to head to Ibarra. We had a meeting with Pres. Murphy and it was ridiculous! We were first told that it was at 10:30 and that we had to be there at 10. Then the night before, they told us 9:30 and that we had to be there at 9... We got to Ibarra at 8 because the bus went speeding and they told us that they would come find us in the terminal at 8:50. Our zone leaders got there a little bit after us and were confused as to why we were there so early. Come to find out, it started at 10... We talked about #LighttheWorld and about how we will not be working as much in reactivation. The area presidency said that we need to be focused more on finding new people and that the wards need to be working with their less actives. Makes sense, so we're going with that. 

We did a couple of visits. Hna. del Rosario and I made lunch at home for Thanksgiving of chicken and mashed potatoes. She was pretty excited. We have an investigator named Richard, who is the brother of a convert who wants to be baptized. His only problem is that he has an oxygen tank and it is a little hard to carry around. We are looking for ways to help him so that he can attend church every Sunday. We read in the Book of Mormon with Estela then talked about repentance with Luis. The funny thing is a bunch of our investigators that are close to baptism do not accept a baptismal date because they tell us that they want to go through the whole process of repentance. They are going to be awesome when they finally decide a baptismal date!

We did a ton of running around again. Only this time, my stomach was hurting all day. The day was pretty quiet until the very end. We went to go contact a referral that we had received. We sat outside (thank goodness...) talking about our purpose for visiting and all that jazz. The whole time I was dying... Hna. del Rosario invited the woman to pray but she said that she could. Hna. del Rosario said that was fine and that I would pray. I told her no and she got really confused. I turned around and puked. Hna. del Rosario told me that the poor woman looked so scared when I did that.... I was so embarrassed... We went home and I went straight to bed. Hna. del Rosario dies of laughter every time I tell the story to people.

I still felt sick but we went out to visit anyways. Geovani told us all about how he no longer has desires to smoke or drink and that he wants to come to church every Sunday from today until forever. I will not lie, I was thoroughly shocked. Hna. del Rosario keeps saying that I have parasites because what better way to finish the mission than with parasites, considering that I have never had them... I said no and she offered to put a bet on it... One day, I will get tested for parasites to prove Hna. del Rosario wrong.

We revised our ward mission plan in ward counsel and they all told me that I have a month to complete all the ward's goals... Yeah... We later had a family home evening with Geovani and his family. Yes, Geovani came to church on time... I again, was thoroughly shocked...
Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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