Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 70 El Fin Se Acerca....

Hey friends and family!
This week was quite the week... Let me first start off by saying I feel like the Grinch because I do not want Christmas to come. It is so weird to think that I have come to my final transfer. All the members are planning my funeral... I mean my farewell... Hna. Cruz and I had a fun last week together and now she is in Quito getting ready to go home. Hna. del Rosario, a fairly new hermana, is my last companion. Also, Pdays are back to Mondays... Sad day...

Dayana was confirmed a member of the church! Yay! It was so cute to watch her. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for her! About 5 minutes before sacrament, we were asked to teach Relief Society... It was a rough lesson but because there was a funeral, everyone left church early, so we only had to teach for 25 minutes. Digna was our mamita because our plan, back up plan, back up back up plan fell through... We basically crashed the first part of a YSA activity because you know, we can do that kind of stuff... We had spent all of Saturday night looking for a cake for Dayana to celebrate her baptism but because we could not go to Casco with her, we sent it with her and her brother. One of our investigators, Gabriela, gave us each a giant bag of corn. She told me that I have to take it home to the US... We will see how that one goes. 
Our investigator, Geovani, has a welding shop in Espejo right next to the Elder's Quorum president of the ward Punyaro. It is pretty awesome because everytime we go to visit Geovani there, his neighbor is always sharing with him. We had an awesome conversation about making decisions. Later, we visited Rosa and contacted a few referrals that we had received. 
We celebrated the last district meeting of the hermanas with cake! It was a fun meeting but a little sad to think that the end was so close for them. Our mamita for the day happened to be in Otavalo so she picked us up from the church and took us to her house. She is making us some skirts that are going to be awesome! We went up to Cajas to talk to the High Priest assigned to our ward about his brother, a potential investigator, then headed to visit Estela. Note: Every time that we go to Cajas (the two times we have gone...), it has been raining like crazy! We got to Estela drenched from head to foot in a manner of seconds in Cajas... I was dying of the cold while we chatted with Estela. Her daughter prays constantly that we will always come to visit. 
There was a miracle in Cajas... It was not raining. I told that to Hna. Cristina and she almost died laughing. Her husband thought it was pretty funny too. She gave us this awesome "colada morada", the typical drink for the day of the dead, and it was so good that I have the recipe. I will most likely be attempting it when I go home. We visited a few converts then visited Geovani. He actually read the whole chapter we had assigned him! His progress is slow but he does progress. Now we just have to help him quit smoking... 
We set up a "quit smoking and drinking" schedule with Geovani. He has stopped smoking and drinking a lot but we are going to help him kick the habit completely! We contacted a referral from a recently returned missionary and she is awesome. Her name is Jenny and she was listening to missionaries about 5 years ago but never got baptized. She happily received us even though she has been having a lot of family problems. At the end of the visit, she could not stop saying that we were angels sent from heaven. I am so excited to work with her! 
I got my last agenda set up for the next transfer and organized the area book while Hna. Cruz fixed up her suitcases. We visited Jenny and she told us about how 2 years ago, she had finished reading the whole Book of Mormon. We talked about the plan of salvation and she is so excited for church. We contacted some more referrals then had dinner with Geovani and his family. It was fun because we talked about eternal families and why he needs to quit smoking. We watched "Together Forever" and Geovani was crying in the end. 
We went running around finding all of Hna. Cruz's stuff that were with members. We finished the lessons of F. Velasquez, so they are officially reactivated! For lunch, we waited for the bus to go to Casco and 3 buses passed us by. We celebrated Jessica's birthday and there was cake... ;) Someone got their face smashed in the cake... And they are all excited for my last day to smash my face in a cake. Oh how I love these people... We visited a ton of our converts today to help keep them going. One of them, we taught through the window because his sister had not gotten home yet. It was quite the sight...

We went to F. Velasquez and they helped us put on anaco for Hna. Cruz's last Sunday. We took a bunch of pictures and after taking the sacrament, we headed to the terminal. 3 hermanas from our district were finishing their missions, so the companions (Hna. Sandoval, Hna. Perez, and I) got to be in a trio for the day. We ate lunch with the old stake president of Otavalo then headed out to visit. We visited a few less actives, converts and investigators. I found myself with some of the members from Imbaya and Cotama. We got home and were completely exhausted because we had walked from one end of Otavalo to the other and back again.

This week was a crazy week but I am so stoked for what lies ahead! Hope y'all have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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