Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 71 Que le pasa???

Hey friends and family!
This week was a crazy week for us! We were running around and also had to go to Quito for Hna. del Rosario's baptism. Hna. del Rosario's favorite thing is say to me is "QuĂ© le pasa, hermana?" (What's going on or passing with you?). It is pretty funny because she says it all the time so I name all the things that are passing us and all she can do is laugh. 

We had quite the busy day. We did some quick visits to Marleny and Geovani. We did visits with Janet, a recently returned from the mission. Some appointments fell but she introduced us to a bunch of people. She only did it because I promised to teach her how to make chocolate chip cookies and to help prepare her for her English test. She's a funny one. We took a recent convert, Francisco, with us to visit a lady we had contacted Monday and that was a mistake. It was a pretty intense lesson and I felt so bad afterwards because Francisco asked if he said something wrong. I told him no but I don't think that he believed me. We went to visit Luis and he received us a lot better this week. We decided that we need to take it a little bit slower with him and he is responding positively. I knew that we couldn't lose hope on him because he told us that he started reading the BOM again (he told us that he did not want to anymore). 
We ran here to there, back over to there, and then in circles. We met Patricio and Viviana, a new couple that we started teaching. Patricio is the brother of the high priest assigned to our ward and he was excited to hear that we were going to start teaching his brother. They happily received us. While waiting for them to have time, we played on the swings and the little girl was helping push me. It was pretty cute. It's pretty brutall with Hna. del Rosario because we spend all night talking. During our weekly planning, we had to put a rule that we are not allowed to talk after 10:30, no matter how interesting the story is. 
We got curtains for our house! It's the little things that count... I love our mamita, Hilda, because she always thinks that if we do not show up at 1:30 on the dot, we probably got lost or are never going to come. The buses have ben a struggle here because they are fixing all the roads. We took Hna. Hilda's son to do a visit and it was awesome. He was so nervous at first, but as he started sharing, he light up and kept going. It's so much fun to take out future missionaries to do visits because they are so nervous at first. Then, they realize that they do know what they are talking about and shoot off like a rocket!
We took out another future missionary and he had fun in the visit. I am so glad that they are really enjoying the visits because they will be doing it for a long time. We hiked a mountain to look for a referral but never found it. Basically, we hunted for one girl but I forgot her number at home. Later in the evening, I look in my planner and realized that we were saying the wrong name... Hna. del Rosario and I had a pretty good laugh about that one. 
We had a crazy adventure to Quito... We got to Quito just fine and made it to the chapel for Hna. del Rosario's baptism. I chatted with Hna. Alvarenga about my old sector in Quito. Ooof how I wanted to go back so bad! We left and got home super late... Like 11:30 late because the bus took a different path, there were problems with the road, and crazy fanatics walking to Quinche for some weird religious thing that I am still not 100% sure why they do it. The most important thing is that we got home safely. 
We had a ton of investigators at church and half of them weren't even ours! I didn't want to send the referrals but had to do it... They were super awesome too... Oh well, it's the same work everywhere. We made lunch at home then headed to visit a few people. It was a pretty quiet evening until we got back to the 4th of July here in Gonzalez. They were still celebrating the virgin of Quinche... This time with fireworks and a huge party... It was interesting to watch. <-This is the church's social media blurb for Christmas. Hna. del Rosario and I have put goals for what we are going to do everyday. You guys should too! It's awesome! Have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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