Saturday, November 5, 2016

Week 69 Feliz Dia de los difuntos!

Hey friends and family!

Yep, it was the Day of the Dead here in good ol' Ecuador and it was a pretty crazy week. The bus system refused to work with us and we spent hours waiting on the side of the road... But! We still got work done and saw tons of miracles along the way! 

We had a bunch of members introduce us to their nonmember friends that they decided to bring to church. All of them really liked church and are excited to learn more about the gospel! Rosa was confirmed a member of the church! YAY! It really was an amazing experience to work with her because for her baptism, we invited all her kids. Some are not active but to see that their mom decided to take the step to be baptized motivated them to come back to church. One of her grandsons who is not a member wants to be baptized and to serve a mission! We took a cake over to celebrate with the family. They were all so excited that they are one step closer to being an eternal family! Rosa just has to complete one year as a member and all 8 (three have passed away) can be sealed for the eternities! 

Monday- Happy Halloween!
It was a difficult day with the buses. They were not my friends. We waited forever for them to not come and were in the rain... Not fun but hey, we have a super cool investigator. His name is Luis and he was a reference from our Elder's Quorum President. He told us a lot about how he wants to change his life and feels that the gospel can really help him. His friend gave him a Book of Mormon and this kid is already in 1 Nephi 15! He just started the other week. He kept apologizing that he had not been reading that much... Seriously?? That is pretty fantastic how much he has read! Anyways, he excitedly accepted a baptismal date for next Saturday because he has come to church twice. 

We found out that our investigator's, Dayana, brother came home from the military for a week and he was the one that she wanted to baptize her. Thankfully we had finished all of her requirements last week for baptism, we just needed a signiture and an interview. It was a little rough putting her baptism together but we pulled it off. I was so sad because one of our families of investigators promised to teach us how to make wawa de pan (bread child) but they never showed up... :( We ended up going to Luis a little early and when we got to his house, he was eagerly waiting by the door saying that we were not going to show up (we arrived 15 minutes early...). He was so excited to invite his sister to listen to us too. The whole time we were there, Luis kept telling his sister that what we were teaching was true and that he knew it was a good thing for the whole family. It was funny but awesome because he is so excited to learn. 
Wednesday- Happy Day of the Dead!
All our appointments fell, including lunch. Thankfully, Hna. Lucia loves us enough to give us lunch! We got permission from Dayana's parents for her baptism!  We had to deal with a few of Luis' doubts but he was able to resolve them!
Thursday- Happy Birthday Dad!
Today, I really disliked the buses... We waited 45 minutes to get out to our lunch appointment and 45 for a bus to get to our interviews with Pres. Murphy. Thankfully he was running a little late with the other interviews... Afterwards, he gave us a wawa de pan! Dayana had her interview and we quickly put together her baptism for the next day. We asked Luis why he wanted to keep some of the commandments that we taught and he said, "They are commandments. I know that they might be hard to keep but the blessings will be worth it." Boom! This is why we keep commandments people! We may not always understand why we have them but the blessings will come if we are faithful in fulfilling every single one of them.

We had a super long meeting then went to set up the things for Dayana's baptism. It was hectic. First, we did not have a member from the bishopric (we still do not have a bishop...). Then, our ward mission leader did not show up (he showed up an hour late)... Then, the baptismal clothing that our ward mission leader had sent with his son never showed up (it showed up 10 minutes after the ward mission leader)... BUT! The baptism still went over very well. Dayana was so excited that her big brother baptized her! The spirit was so strong! Dayana will be confirmed on Sunday and their family will be one step closer to being an eternal family!

So next Saturday, I will not have Pday, it will be the following Monday. Today, we did a ton of shopping for Hna. Cruz so that she would have things to take home for her family. It was exhausting!! 

I hope you all have an amazing week!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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