Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 63: The dog, the drunk, and the salchipapas

Hey friends and family!
Normally I do not include stories of encounters with drunks but this one was a pretty funny one so I had to include it...
We visited an investigator named Rosa and talked about the Book of Mormon. The difficult thing about teaching Rosa is that she is always running in and out of the lesson because she has a store. The crazy thing is that she can walk out in the middle of a thought and come back perfectly fluid in her thought. We talked about the BOM and she happily accepted the challenge to read it. I love celebrating birthdays here in the mission because it is so much fun. We celebrated the birthday of Raquel, a girl from a family of recent converts. I had to sing her happy birthday in English because she wanted me to. We talked about the importance of reading the scriptures and some of the funny things that are in the Bible. 

Digna came to do visits with us. We visited a few people until we got to one family. They have received their answer that the church is true, they are just afraid to act upon it. One of the sons we left a talk the other week about doubts and questions and it says in the talk that we usually want to do things our way instead of in Heavenly Father's way. It is so very true and is probably one of the hardest things to give up. On our way to the bus stop, Digna bought us salchipapas (french fries and a hotdog) and caught her bus to go home. While we were waiting for our bus to head home, there was a dog that would not stop barking at us because he wanted our food. Before we could do or say anything, an extremely drunk man came over and started talking to the dog. "Don't worry. She still loves you (referring to me) but she has to go now. Don't worry, she will come back to you, you just have to be patient. Don't cry, everything will be alright." Hna. Cruz and I almost died laughing because the bus came and as we were taking our seats, one of the other men that was waiting for the bus with us said that that man was super drunk... It was a pretty funny night.

"Our works will be tried by fire" (1 Cor. 3:13). I was reading that today in my studies and it made sense. Heavenly Father tries us with what we are doing to see if we really have a testimony. Do we have a testimony to keep going? Do we have a testimony to not only to endure to the end but actually persevere to the end? Heavenly Father wants us to not only believe but really know that what we are doing in our callings and in the gospel is true. He wants us to have a conviction because without this conviction, we really are just members that sit on the benches on Sundays, keeping them warm. What kind of member do I want to be?
Our mamita told us that her mom wants us to visit her so that she can get baptized. She told us how other missionaries had visited once but never returned. I told her that we would be happy to visit, just name the day. This week, we spent a lot of our visits talking about the Atonement and the power within. One of our new less actives that we started visiting, Joselyn, has cancer and said that some days, it gets really dark with the worries of what will happen. We talked about the comfort that comes from the sacrifice of Christ and how he can really help us through everything. I know that the power of the Atonement is real because I have to rely on it everyday to get me through the day. Heavenly Father really has created a perfect plan, we just have to learn how to follow it. Later in the evening, Hna. Cruz took her Mod. 20 exam and passed! We have the goal for this week to take her final exam! Pilas! 

We visited a lady from the coast named Marleyny. She was funny because she did not think that we were going to come back to visit her (some days get crazy and our schedule does not go according to plan). She is amazingly receptive and though not married, knows and wants with all her heart to get married to her boyfriend that she is living with. When we left, we said that we would come back the next day but she said that she did not want us to name a day, just in case that we didn't come. So we left saying, "We will not be coming tomorrow morning".

Marleyny was shocked to see us. We had a quick lesson with her then walked from Huaycopungo to San Pablo (a twenty minute walk). We met up with an hermana, Cecilia, to do some visits. In this time with this hermana, I learned the importance of visiting teaching. I always knew that it was important to do but I never knew the impact of a visit. The hermana that accompanied us, was the one that should have been receiving visits from our less active, Maria. Cecilia talked about how she wanted so bad a visit from someone to talk to about what she was going through and Maria could see that they actually had a lot in common with their situations. I know that sometimes it seems simpleminded to do our assignments for visiting or home teaching but really, it can make all the difference for someone. Also, we never know what someone else is going through until we ask them. Later in the night, we went to the women's session of general conference and it was awesome (even though we got there really late, it was worth it). Pres. Uchtdorf talked about the importance of faith and really putting forth effort to strengthen our faith. His talked really helped to open my eyes to the importance of faith and makes me want to continually strenthen my faith.

Appointments and mamitas fell but hey, we reactivated Maria! YAY! She is doing super awesome. We have a few families that we will be reactivating next month! Estela was super funny tonight. She told us how in a few weeks, she and her family will be killing their pig and that we are invited. Even if there is not a birthday or holiday, the is a pig to kill and the family to gather, she told us. She is really funny. We talked about the word of wisdom and she said that she is ready to drop coffee! Wooo! 
Today, we went to the waterfalls in Peguche because Hna. Cruz had never been before. We went with the F. TituaƱa. It was a super fun time. Hope you all have an awesome week and guess what!!! Conference is this weekend!!! Who's excited? ME!! Enjoy conference!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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