Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 61 I will be the eyes, you be the ears,...

Hey friends and family!
The joke with Hna. Cruz is that I can't hear too well, so she always has our phone. She cannot see too well, so I am always looking to see what bus we will take. It is pretty funny when we explain that to people.

We went to a part of our sector named Cochaloma and visited a girl named Astrid. She is an awesome 17 year old with an awesome testimony. The only sad part is that she is the only member and did not feel support from the ward so she went inactive. We talked to her and she said that she will not come to our ward but now that she will be leaving for college, she will be more than happy to attend down in the south part of Quito. We told her that we would send her information down there for the missionaries to find her. Later in the evening, we celebrated one of our less active´s girl´s birthday. It is pretty funny because they always smash the birthday person´s face in the cake. Naomi was pretty excited that the missionaries came to her little family party. 

We had a little meeting with the bishop to talk about how we were doing and what we needed. He was funny because we recently changed mamitas and he is not one of them but he told us that whenever we do not have lunch to "just call up hermano Pedro" and he will give us lunch. We went to our less active family´s home and the husband, who is not a member but has been listening to us, listened really attentively. He was really excited when we explained what the Book of Mormon was and that he was ready to start reading. He told us that he likes church but still thinks that the Sabbath day is on Saturday and not Sunday... He has a ton of questions but keeps progressing little by little. 

There were a lot of changes made in the mission. We now only have an hour to write on Mondays. We have the option to change our Pday to any day of the week on special occaisions. We can have as many district/zone activities as we want. AND a bunch of the meetings were cut so that we have more time to go out and to work. It is pretty sweet. Later in the afternoon, I started feeling really sick but we kept on going with our appointments. By the end of the night, we were visiting the F. de la Cruz and I puked. I guess I gave myself heat exhaustion and the bad thing was that after all this happened, they tried to make me eat. I felt so embarassed haha. I said no and we left. As soon as we got home, we quickly planned and I fell asleep.

We went contacting old investigators and we found one of my rescues from Imbaya visiting her mother-in-law. It was so fun to see her and she said, "Now I know where to come looking for you since this use to be my ward". We promised that we were going to start visiting her mother-in-law to help her out. Later, we had a very direct conversation with a family of investigators that had not been progressing for months. At first, they did not like what I was saying but then could see afterwards what I was trying to help them with. They promised to start putting forth more effort in looking for an answer. The husband of F. de la Cruz says that he is almost ready to be baptized but still is missing something.

Saturdays are a little rough here in Otavalo because everyone goes to sell their trinkets and things. All of our plans fell but we were still able to get some stuff done. One of our converts was going to go to the young single adults activity but got lost. We ran into him later and he showed us the video he made of him saying that he will probably die lost in Gualabi (literally 10 minutes walking from his house). We had a good laugh.

We put on anaco! I have come to realize that I like my anaco more than the centro, even though it is a little more painful in the anaco. El. Calderon came to our ward and talked about the family and importance of respect in the home. He talked about how when he was first called to be a general authority, his wife corrected him a ton to help him with his talks. We had lunch with Cleber and Isaura. It was pretty hilarious and we ended talking about missionary work. In the middle of our thought, Cleber got up and ran out the door to stop the bus for us (the buses do not pass as frequent on Sundays and we did not have time to wait for the next bus). We had a noche de hogar with F. de la Cruz and the ward. It was fun as always. 
Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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