Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 60 I Traded My Anaco for a Centro

Hey friends and family!
This week was a fun week but exhausting as always. I bought a centro (the traditional skirt from Cayambe and it takes a ton of fabric to make). I also had the blessing of getting to go back to work in Imbaya for a day to help out the hermanas that are now there. 
I got a call Monday night saying that we would be having divisions and that I would be going to Imbaya to help show the sector. Let's just say that I was super excited to go and did not really sleep all night... We went to the terminal and split up. We got back to the house (it felt like I was coming home after vacations...) and Hna. Israelsen had two postit notes full of questions about the sector, area book, and house. We took the time to go through everything and then headed off to work. It was so much fun to see the members after only a week of being gone. We joked saying that it was a joke that I was in San Pablo. They asked how the members were treating me and what they thought of me. I said they thought I was an angel. The wife of the bishop said that it was because they had not quite gotten to know me yet... ;) I showed Hna. Israelsen about half of the sector and I was exhausted because of all the walking we did. We set up a bunch of appointments for them and she met some more of the people that we were working with before. I got to see one of my less actives, Patricia, who just had her baby and one of the recent converts, Jessy. It made me really miss all of them.

We did visits with Hna. Digna, an hermana who is preparing for the mission and visited Dayana and her brother Jordan. Dayana has a baptismal date for November. We then went to San Pablo and visited a few people there. Later in the evening, we visited one of my favorites, Estela, an investigator we found the other week who claims to not believe in God. She never really wanted to pray with us and always put up a fight. Last night, we called to say that we were not going to make it to the appointment with her but that we wanted to see how she was doing. She told us that she prayed!! (That is a huge deal for her) We then went to her house and she told us how she felt so much peace that it was weird. We read in the Book of Mormon with her and she told us that she really wants to believe in God but is afraid to put her trust in him. Preach My Gospel says that the people who do not believe in God need to feel the spirit as much as possible. The ways to do that is by reading, testifying, and praying. She kept telling us that she felt very different when we were around! I am so excited that she is progressing!

Today was the fastest that we have ever eaten lunch. Our mamita had to run and we got there a little late because of meetings but we left after 10 minutes of being there. We showed to some of our less actives and they would not get off the website afterwards. We left them to visit one of our new less actives, Pablo. His mother-in-law, a long-time member, asked me if they give us giraffe milk in the states. When I asked why, she said that it was because everyone from the United States are so tall. I almost died of laughter. We went back to the family of less actives to visit the dad, who is an investigator, and they were still exploring the church's website. We had a quick lesson before going home. 

We set up an appointment for a tour of the church with our investigator, Tania. She is progressing really well but her mom does not seem to like us too much... On our way to Casco, the bus helper who takes the money happened to be an hermano from Cotama. It was fun to see him. A few other members got on the bus and everyone else was looking at us weird because we were talking to so many people. Yes, the missionaries are popular people and yes, more people should talk to us to see why we are so popular ;) We visited a few people that Hna. Cruz with Hna. Yorganson contacted. They were super cool and we were able to set up more appointments with them. We got a call from Estela saying that she could do a tour today but that we could visit her a little later. We went contacting with Digna and I got a centro! It take about1.5 meters of fabric and 8 days to make one (says the store owner)! Later, we went to visit Estela and she told us how excited she was to come to church on Sunday! She said yes or yes she will be coming! Yay! She talked about how she did not want to know if this church was true for merely curiousity but has a real desire to know! Ahhh! It is always amazing to see progress like this!

A bunch of our appointments fell but thankfully we were able to adjust our schedule to visit some people. We have a less active named Hector who always wore an earring. I mentioned that he should not have one and he has not put it in since! We should him the church music for youth and he put that on his speakers for a while. Estela was feeling sick and said that we could not visit her but that she would come to church. 

It was a crazy morning. Hna. Cruz and I put on centros for church. We were running around trying to figure everything out. Estela went to the wrong chapel and it took a half hour to get her back (I am still trying to find the simplest way to explain how to get to our chapel because there are so many here in Utavalo). Estela brought her little girl, Jazmin, and within 2 minutes of being there in the church, she already had a little gang of friends and they ran off to primary. After church, Estela escaped before we could see how everything went and we could not call her because our phone battery was out of juice! We took pictures with the members because they get oh so excited to see us dressed up in the traditional clothing. The hermanas from Cayambe were super excited but the hermanas from Otavalo said that we needed to wear anaco so we promised that next week we will put on anaco. We visited a recent convert and she is doing awesome. She and her husband are so excited for when she completes a year so that they can be sealed in the temple (she only just got baptized in August). 
I hope you all have a great week! Let me know how everything is going!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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