Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 62 I think I lost about half of my hair...

Hey friends and family!
My hair took quite the abuse this week from a 6 & 7 year old... But I still love them all the same.

Hna. Cruz and I had to give a training in our district meeting and it went over fairly well. We talked about how we need to find new investigators in different ways because if we keep looking in the same way, we will end up missing people who are ready to receive the gospel. We went to the famous Huaycopungo, a part of our sector where there is a huge Evangelica church. A lot of my less actives from Imbaya attended there. Everyone in Huaycopungo gave us dirty looks... They do not really like the missionaries... We found a lady contacting while looking for a family that we had talked to the other week. She was super cute and her baby even cuter. It started to rain like crazy when we left to go give Estela a tour of the church. She came with a friend from work and they both loved the church. After the tour, Estela told us about how after we left her house the night before, her daughter, a five year old, said, "Mom, we have to pray before going to bed!". It was so cute and she gave the most sincerest prayer. 

We visited an hermana and while we chatted, she promised to teach me how to crochet this really cool hat. I am pretty darn excited to learn. We visited Estela later in the evening and the poor thing was super sick but still happily received us. She is progressing, little by little. We visited the F. de la Cruz and Mae, the 7 year old, braided my hair in a very interesting way... It hurt so bad to take it out...

We went hunting to find our mamita's house today. She told us that she lived next to the school (in reality, she lived a couple houses down from it) and we spent a half hour trying to find it. I then spent an awkward lunch with her granddaughter, a six year old, staring at me. We visited a family of less actives and recent converts. They are super excited to come to church on Sunday. We had been doing visits with Digna, an hermana in the ward, and she missed the bus. We ended up waiting with her for almost an hour until the next bus came so that she did not have to wait alone. 

Our mamita changed her number so we could not call her. We ended up making lunch for $1.50! I was pretty proud of it (hahaha). We visited a few converts and less actives then visited an investigator named Tania. She had questions about why we do not pray to the virgen Mary. We explained but she said that she did not want to stop praying to her because it is part of her customs. After her, we visited the F. de la Cruz. Naomi, the 6 year old, decided to do my hair and made it a giant ball of snarls... Her mom looked like she was going to cry as I tried to brush out the giant mess of my hair. She told Naomi that she is not allowed to touch my hair ever again. I thought it was funny that she wanted to braid my hair like her sister, even though it hurt.

We visited a lady who recently had a miscarriage and talk about the plan of salvation. She seemed so at peace after we explained that she could see her little girl some day. We went looking for one of our less active's, Pablo, house, and it is pretty sweet. He is a painter and his paintings are amazing! When he started to come to church again a couple of weeks ago, he started painting some of the church art. I want one so bad!

After church, we ate lunch with a few recent converts. Members are always so surprised to listen to what our schedule is like and how we are actually happy to follow it. We visited Pablo and his family. They are doing super awesome and we are now trying to get them excited to be sealed as a family soon. The funny thing that happened today is that we took the same bus from church to lunch, from lunch to San Pablo, and from San Pablo to home. The helper looked at us funny. 
Hope you have an awesome week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana
PS. I will send pictures of what happened to my hair next week... ;)

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