Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 37 He Lives!

Hey friends and family!
My first Easter in the mission! It was fun to spend it with gringos.

Our mamita fed us waffles today! It was a good day for waffles. We got a huge history lesson today in our monthly meeting with Presidente! We talked about how the Great Apostasy really came to be. It was pretty intriguing to learn from a historic standpoint of how the Apostasy really came to be. We also got a change to the mission. Not only now do we have an English tutor but also a family history consultant and guess who gets to be it for my district! Yep! Me... Now we are putting more emphasis on the importance of family history because it helps so well with retention of members. 

We ate even more waffles today! So many waffles... We walked up and down a dirt road in Nayon contacting people trying to find a reference. We finally gave up and went to talk to a member about a few things that we were doing to help a less active with all of her problems. Last week, we found a family by the name of Añapa and had an appointment with them tonight. It was a little awkward but we made it through it. We invited them to our noche de hogar and they were super excited! 

We had the usual meetings and then went home to eat lunch. One of our poor ward missionaries who is prepping for a mission got his wisdom teeth out, so to be nice, we took some ice cream over to him. He was super excited for it. Afterwards, we went to Zambiza to visit Stephany and Joselyn. They have just been so busy with school that we haven´t been able to visit them. Then we went to Nayon where the family Añapa was waiting for us. They had a blast at the noche de hogar and were super excited for us to visit them the next day. 

We went to go find a family that went inactive and finally found them! Afterwards, we visited another less active and then went to Nayon. The family Añapa is doing so good. They are not quite ready to accept a baptismal date but were really excited to go to church on Sunday.

We got told by a Hna. Santa Cruz that we should probably stop visiting her husband for a little bit because he is annoyed of us... Oh well, he will come around one day. We visited Victor with the zone leaders because they asked if they could visit someone with us to see if they could help us. Victor was sick and received a Priesthood blessing. His wife also received one. It was a pretty awesome experience and Victor received the promise that if he kept trying to live the commandments, he would receive his answer. Ya mismo, he will get baptized!! With faith! After the visit, we went to the women´s general session where they talked a ton about service and loving one another. It was not quite the same in Spanish but still really good. 

Happy Easter!!! I got to celebrate it by bringing the family Añapa to church! Everyone thought they were members because they looked so comfortable. Score! Ya mismo they will get baptized! After church, we went to the Luster´s home for lunch and made chocolate eggs. We then stopped by the Cruz´s home (they are leaving soon to go back to the states 😥) and learned how to make brigadeiros (Brazilian fudge).  It was a fun way to spend easter. 
That´s pretty much it for this week. We found mold in our house, so the owner has to come fix it. This house by the time we are done will be as good as new! (And of course I will be gone by the time we don´t have to do anything... oh well!). Have an amazing week and I hope to hear from y´all soon!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

I wanted to share this video earlier but I forgot. Easter is the time to remember that Christ lives! He is the Prince of Peace! I am so grateful that I have this time to share this wonderful message with the peopel here in Ecuador! Here is the website for the super good easter video of this year! He lives! 

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