Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 34 Glad my daddy taught me how to use a wrench

Hey friends and family!
This week was an up and down kind of week and we also had transfers! Hna. Rojas went to Calderon and I received Hna. Thomas as my new companion. It has been a while since I have been with a gringa companion and it is pretty funny because we speak in Spanglish all the time. She went to BYUI too so I have another BYUI peep! How cool is that!

We were dealing with Hna. Rojas´s stomach problems all this transfer and we got sent to the clinic again. We waited an hour and a half for nothing. We took Hno. Carlos with us to do visits so that he could make friends with our less active, Luis, and it went fairly well. We are hoping that the more friendships he has the more he will want to come to church. After Luis, we went contacting and found a lady named Flor. She is super awesome but super confused about religions. We talked to her and she said that we can come back to visit her. 

We went to the clinic yet again and finally got an answer! Hna. Rojas has giardia... How? I do not know... It is a very good question... After the clinic we contacted a reference for a less active from another less active that we are visiting and she is a super cute girl from Otavalo. She straight up told us that she wants to change and to come back to church but that she needs help. That´s what we are here for!  We set an appointment for this week. On our way to visiting Joselyn, we found her recently reactivated sister. On Sunday she had asked us to talk to her kids about obedience and she told us that they are behaving so much better! She said that she came home from work and they were cleaning the house. It was super cute. 

Today was a busy, busy day. We have had problems with fleas in the house for the past few months and I finally had had it! We began to deep clean the house before our meetings, took apart an extra bed in the house, take all of our sheets to a laundry mat to have them cleaned, and buy tons of spray to kill the fleas! I was exhausted by the time we finished and the day had only begun! It was kind of funny because on our way back from our meetings, I contacted a lady who made comments about my legs having all these bugs bites. She told me that if I drank this special coffee, my bugs bites would heal... Nope! You can´t get me to drink coffee! We had our weekly noche de hogar and the hermano that gave the message was hilarious! He says "chuta" (shoot!) every other word and withing 20 minutes, he had said "chuta" 59 times (yes I counted...).

I had to go to the clinic to verify that I did not have giardia. I am parasite clean which is really ironic because Hna. Rojas and I ate the same things and I was in the coast. Nothing makes sense... We have been teaching a guy by the name of Jorge and he always has the most random questions. Tonight his question was what what the exact date of Christ´s birth? We told him that he really should focus more on the things that will bring him happiness. He´s a funny guy. 

We did visits with Hno. Kevin, a future missionary, and the poor guy doesn´t like eating and we got a lot of food. He ended puking on the side of the road for a little bit (We checked, he´s doing better today). The other hermanas in the ward had a baptism, so we went to that and then had our weekly meeting with our ward mission leader. It was a pretty laid back Thursday.

Transfers! Hna. Rojas really did not want to go but we all knew she was going. We had lunch with our mamitas and visited a few people. We were so exhausted from this week that we got home, Hna. Rojas quickly packed, and we hit the pillow hard!
I hope you all have a great week! Keep me updated on your lives!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

PS From Megan's Mom: I suspect that when did Megan extensive cleaning that she took apart and reassembled the beds in her apartment using a wrench or when she took apart the extra bed in their apartment.

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