Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 35 I an exhausted! (Says every missionary)

Hey friends and family!

What a week! Our house got fixed (and something else broke), our bishopric got switched out, we have been visiting a lot of the members of ward council, and we have been doing a complete turnover of our sector! Oh and lots of paperwork! :P

We had an hermano come to our house to fix several things. He cleaned all the drains in the house and tightened up our sink. Right as he was leaving, our sink started leaking again so he told us that he would come another day to fix it. We have been struggling with one of our investigators who has a drinking problem. He has been coming to church for the past 4 months (which is probably the hardest things to get investigators to do) and had accepted baptismal dates in the past. We have been talking with members to help get him on track because he wants to be baptized, he just can´t until he gets this problem taken care of. 

We started off the day with getting our house checked by the hermana leaders to make sure it was clean. As they were leaving, Hno. Mullo came to fix the sink. As soon as he got started, he had to stop because he didn´t have the parts and told us that he would come back the next day to get our sink fixed. We had lunch with the young women´s president and talked about how we could help her in her calling. Later in the evening, we had an awesome appointment with David and Paula with a couple that is getting married next month. David told us that he would never pray with us and that they had no desires to get married. After this appointment, he told us that they wanted to get baptized and wanted to get married!! It was a good way to end the night. 

Hno. Mullo came back and the sink finally got fixed. We found a few new people to teach and visited some less actives. Afterwards, we took our investigator to our weekly noche de hogar. It was a simple but fun one this week. When we got home and tried turning on the lights, they didn´t work! Now we have to wait to get the lights in our study room fixed! The house is falling apart! ;) Well... Missionaries have lived in it for more than 20 years...

We always seem to eat breakfast burritos with one of my zone leaders... We ate them out in the coast and now here in Quito... He really likes his breakfast burritos... Anyways, I got a priesthood blessing because I have been sick and my voice has been going in and out (Hna. Thomas was afraid that she would have to do all the talking but I have managed to keep my voice for the most part). We did an activity for our zone meeting where we had to carry our companions on our backs and try to shoot a basketball. It was a pretty hilarious sight. The evening was a little sad because we had a few investigators tell us that they did not want us to come around anymore and listened to a less active tell us about all of the problems that had happened within the short amount of time that we had not been visiting her. It was a pretty rough night but hey, everyone has their time and their challenges. 

We visited F. Santa Cruz and they are doing awesome as always. Unfortunately, they were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off so we could not actually teach them. We visited with F. Lopez and I peeled potatoes while Hna. Thomas washed dishes. Hna. Lopez was afraid the whole time that I was going to cut myself (not that that has happened before... ;) ). We contacted a lady in the park who always wanted to practice her English with a foreigner but never had the chance. The only problem was that she did not have any real interest in listening to us. We left Nayon and headed to the church to have a meeting with the ward leaders. Little by little, this ward is becoming a stronger and better ward. We went and visited Stephany afterwards and she is doing super good! She loves reading her Book of Mormon. Her mom told us that she now has a little notebook to write about what she reads. She´s 10! It is so awesome!

We spent all of church running around, filling out paperwork and figuring out our sector limits. We were a little puzzled as to why the whole stake presidency was here and come to find out, they released our bishop. He had a lot of health problems and could not function as a bishop.  We visited a bunch of the members and started sorting through a bunch of old investigators to find new people to teach. 
For our Pday, we went to a toy store, grocery shopping, and ran to the offices to get a couple of things and drop off a couple of things. Let´s just say I am super exhausted and Pdays are never really relaxing but Hna. Thomas and I have made the goal that next week, we are just going to relax. We just have to make it to next Monday... ;) Hey hope you all have a great week and hope to hear from you soon!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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