Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 36 You know you are a horticulture major when...

Hey friends and family!

This week was another exhausting week for us here in the good ol´ Éden! We have been working on trying to find as many new investigators as we possibly can and this week, we reached our goal of contacting over 100 people! I was pretty dang proud of us because I had never done it before in the mission. I guess I was just being lazy...
In the words of Hermana Thomas, "Oh my gosh we lived through an earthquake... Why are you being so casual about this??" Yeah, we had a tiny earthquake and it was a little sketchy living on the third floor of the building but hey, we survived (BOOM! I have lived through another earthquake...). I ended up doing divisions with Hna. Dorta and it was a ton of fun. We had to shimmy past a truck to get to lunch and Hna. Dorta was not too excited about that. We found a few menos activo kids while trying to contact a reference. It was awesome! We found tons of families all living down this tiny alley way (it was a little scary... but awesome!).
We did the switch back and Hna. Thomas fell out of her chair while we were planning for the next week (picture below). It was so funny. Hna. Thomas is always doing something goobery and we are always dying of laughter. We pulled a total gringo moment and bought cotton candy.
Happy St. Patricks Day (I forgot to wear green...)! Happy birthday Caleb! Happy 1 year since my knee accident! I celebrated with brownies for my district. I look back through this past year and what I have accomplished since being told that it was not looking good for me to be in the mission. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me stay in the mission a little bit longer. I have learned so much and continue to learn every day!  We did our weekly noche de hogar and we gave the message. We did my little activity about the armor of God. It was super funny because we brought clothes and made a girl put them on.
We have been completely redoing our area book and I am exhausted! We did over 200 copies to fix up records that were in the area book. Thankfully, it only costed $6! We tried to visit a bunch of people but no one was really home. It was a little bit of a discouraging day. The one good thing about the day was a girl named Alison gave me a bonzai tree! I was pretty darn excited about that little tree!
I went on an ice cream date!... With my companion! ;) Hahaha It was a little bit more of a rough day because our awesome ward mission leader told us that he was not going to be in our ward anymore because he was going to be getting married next week. It was a bit of a downer because I really like working with him. We decided to cheer us up with ice cream!  Afterwards we tried finding more people and saw very little success. We went to chat with Hno. Lopez to see who he could suggest. We asked and asked for references but he said he did not have a single one. Finally, with a little persistence, two young men came into his restaurant and began eating. He told us we should talk to them. Come to find out, they had a brother recently pass away. He introduced us and we began talking. They were really excited to listen to our message about the Plan of Salvation and we have an appointment later this week with them!
We did the usual running around to get things done for church. Afterwards, we had lunch and they dropped us off in Nayon. We taught the mom of the two less actives and she now has a baptismal date! Then we went and found a super awesome couple named Mikal and Nelly. They are so excited to learn more about how to have an eternal family! We also went and visited Mayra who will be completing her 1 year as a member and she is super pumped to be sealed in the temple to her husband!

It was a little bit of a rough week but we ended on a really good note! I hope you all have an awesome week and cannot wait to hear about your adventures!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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