Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 27 "Hermana Duff, you are back from the dead?!"

Hey there friends and family!

This has been quite the week! We had a baptism and we had the opportunity to listen to a 70 (one of the big guys!)! 

We had our weekly meeting this week and it was pretty funny. We ended up doing a lot of practices and it was super hard to be serious because the elders were coming up with some of the weirdest situations. We decided to go visit an investigator who lives probably freaking forever away in Winchele (the outskirts of our sector) and she is doing super good. She just has to get married so that she can get baptized!

Our mamita, Mariela let us come to her house a little early so that we could eat before traveling to Quito. We also chatted with our ward mission leader to make sure he talked about certain people that we have been visiting in ward counsel. He then took us to the terminal to head to Quito. Bus rides are killing me! We ended up getting to Quito around 8 and headed to the nurse's apartment to spend the night.

It was a super good to see a bunch of my friends from before I went home and my CCM buddies. A bunch of the elders from my first zone said stuff like "Hermana Duff, you're back from the dead?" and "Hermana Duff is resurrected". It was super funny.

Ahhh! El. Godoy was awesome! It was awesome to hear him tell his conversion story. His wife talked about what it is like for people who do not have the gospel. She had us write on a white board all of the things that were brought to light with the restoration. I was feeling really good as we filled the board but after we finished the board, she slowly started erasing the things. It was sad to see all the good things be erased and it felt like the room got a little darker. That is exactly what it is like for people who do not know the gospel, just a little bit darker. We got done early with El. Godoy which meant that we had to travel back Esmeraldas today. We got lost on the way back to the nurse's apartment to get our stuff but finally made it to the terminal with 5 minutes to spare! Hna. Bosse ended up coming back with us and Hna. Silva went to Otavalo for another meeting. Basically this whole transfer we have been in a trio. 

In the evening, we went to the baptism of the Elders serving in our ward for a man named Roberto. While they were changing, we taught a little bit about the restoration. Roberto was super excited that he could finally be baptized and bore his testimony about the fact that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. How perfect was that?? We taught about the restoration and he testified for us. Boom! Afterwards, we all went and got salchipapas! No! Just kidding, we went and got food afterwards and while we were leaving, the elders showed up.

We were visiting Carmen, a less active and Hna. Ccoycca was playing with one of her chicks. It pooped on her and we were dying of laughter because it was so funny! We went to the church and waited forever for everyone to come. Thankfully, Brithany was able to be baptized without problems! She bore her testimony about holding onto the iron rod and it was super funny because she read from the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes very slowly (because she is only ten).

Today was a super good day for missionary work. Our less actives have been assisting and are really loving it! We had 2 show up that had never came before in all the time that I have here in Esmeraldas. It was truly a miracle. Also, Jesús, our less active, he came in a white shirt and tie (last time he came in a tshirt and jeans)! It was truly amazing to see the little changes he is making in his life! Also, Carmen did not come to church because she was super sick. We sent some bretheren to give her a priesthood blessing and guys, the priesthood power is real! We passed by a little later in the evening and she was doing 10x better! Boom!

That is pretty much it for this week! We are having transfers next week! No! I am most likely being transferred but we will have to wait and see! Love you all super much!

Until next time, 
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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