Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 26 The Rains Came Down and The Mud Came Up

Hey family and friends!
I seriously cannot believe that the week came and went (I know I have said that before and I will continue to say it because I am still in shock). We got a lot done and were super busy preparing Brithany, a little 10 year old girl, for her baptism this Saturday. Along with that, we have been helping reactivate 3 families this week. It was a crazy week!
Since Hna. Silva went to Quito again, her companion, Hna. Bosse, spent a couple of days with us. It rained a ton so it was super muddy. Hna. Bosse and Hna. Ccoycca were slipping and sliding and falling. Word to the wise, cheap shoes are never the answer. They just do not have the traction. I will not lie, I almost died laughing.

We went to go get Hna. Silva and I was expecting the next day to do divisions with Hna. Bosse in Quinidé but Hna. Silva said that we were going to have special training on Friday, so we could not. There were tons of meetings planned that we did not know about so we had to cancel a lot of appointments. 

We talked in our meeting as a zone that we want to change the culture of our mission to one of where missionaries focus more on teaching repentance. This will help so many people feel that it is right to be baptized and that we won´t have as many inactives. We focused heavily on 3 Nephi 9 and 11. 

We had 6 hours of training! Ahhh so hard to sit still for 6 hours. Thankfully they fed us! We talked about overcoming temptations and verifying committments. Afterwards, we dropped Book of Mormons off to people and continued to prepare Brithany for her baptism.

We visit a man named Jesus who has not come to church in over 5 years. He has been struggling with several personal problems and always told us that he did not want to come to church. The other day, we asked an hermano in the ward to go visit him and give him a blessing. Today he told us that he planned on coming to church!

Jesus came to church! And a bunch of other less actives! It was awesome! After church we ran around making visits and went to the church so that Brithany could have her interview. She is getting baptized this Saturday! :) Her whole family is less active but we have been working with them and they are all super excited for her baptism!
This week, we get to travel to Quito to listen to El. Godoy! How cool is that??? I hope you all have an awesome week and I hope to hear from y´all soon!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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