Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 75 Flashback to the CCM! That is the Spanish version of the MTC...

Hey friends and family!
It was a super stressful week but a week of miracles all the same. We were asked to participate in a mini MTC so we had a flashback to the good ol' times... I got to go out on divisions with an hermana named Kathy. She was super awesome to work with.  

We headed to Quito for Christmas! It was a lot of fun. On the way there, Hna. del Rosario taught me how to crochet a little bit. We got to Quito and had a little Christmas zone conference with Pres. and Hna. Murphy. We presented our little skits to everyone. Ours was pretty great. If you remind me, one day I will show you them. Lunch was super good. We got turkey, so it was kind of like a late Thanksgiving dinner. I helped clean up the messes while waiting for my interview. Guys, there was progress, I did not come out of my interview crying. It is so weird to think that it is finally all coming to an end. We got home around 9:45 and quickly went to bed because we had gone to bed late and had gotten up early. 

We had a fun district meeting. Afterwards, we went to eat with Hna. Liliana and her daughter. We talked about the importance of giving referals. She promised to be on the lookout. On our way out of her house, we contacted one of her neighbors, Andres, a cute old man, who accepted a visit. We taught him about the plan of salvation because his wife died 13 years ago. He was so happy to hear that he could see her again. We prepped Richard for his baptismal interview and helped finish the lessons of Jenny. I helped with some English homework, then we were introduced to an hermana that said she would be happy to receive a visit! 

Richard passed his interview! All he had to do is go to church one more time and everything would be set... We visited Andres and he was patiently waiting for us. We invited him to church and he was so excited. We finished Jenny's lessons and her interview was set for Saturday. One hermana who came with us was awesome! She always wanted to be a missionary but could never do it. Oooof! She would have been a powerful missionary. After Richard's baptismal interview, we took the elders to give a blessing to an hermana who was sick in our sector. She was so happy to receive a blessing. One of our recent converts also got to participate in the blessing and he was so excited. Later, we visited Geovani and he is getting closer and closer to baptism, he is just missing one thing. 

We quickly visited with Geovani before heading off to Carabuela for divisions. I went with Hna. Jueschke again. We had a fun time chatting about all the miracles that we have seen in our mission. We visited a partial member family and a recent convert. Then we went to the plaza in Otavalo with the Imbaya zone and sang for an hour and a half while other missionaries contacted. It was pretty fun other than Hna. Jueschke and I have been a little sick so our voices were horrible. 

We got the chapel in RumiƱahui and were given "trainees". I got a sweet girl named Kathy. Of course, all of our appointments fell but we were able to talk about how awesome the mission is. She is so excited to turn in her papers in January. We visited Rosa and she is doing awesome. After lunch, we hurried to get Jenny for her baptismal interview. She passed!!! She is going to be getting baptized on Friday!! Yay! Later in the evening, we visited Geovani and he asked if he could be baptized... Sayyyy whaaaaaat?! Yeah! I was pretty excited. 

We went to get Andres for church and he was so excited to go. We found out that he went to the ward activity the day before with our ward without even being invited... It was pretty funny to find that one out. Richard almost was not able to come to church... He did not have oxygen to travel. We got pretty discouraged but with a lot of prayer and faith, he came to church. Officially he and Jenny are going to be baptized on Friday! I was crying because we have put so much work into this happening. We ate lunch with Hna. Berta and she was bummed to find out that this was the first and last time that I would eat with her. We caught the bus and visited Andres. We planned the baptisms then headed to Gabrielas's house. Jannik turned 13 so we celebrated with them a little bit. It was fun. 
It was a crazy, emotional week. My goal is to not spend this whole week crying. Wish me luck! I hope you have an awesome week and can you believe in a week, I finish this crazy, amazing journey that I started a little over two years ago?? 

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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