Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 73 Hello, My name is Hugo Montoya, you came to zone conference, prepare to be edified!

Hey friends and family!
This week was quite the interesting week! We had a visit from El. Montoya and his wife. I lost the keys to our house. I was basically Ariel because I did not have a voice. I learned how to make "papa rellena". I do not have parasites. The sky is still just as blue here in Ecuador as it is in the States... I really do not want to go home...

During our district meeting, we practiced singing Silent Night and played hangman. Everyone got super competitive. I almost died laughing. We found one of the recent converts who we had lost today! It was miracle! We chatted with her and she thought that the missionaries and everyone had forgotten about her. We were able to share a scripture with her and she is excited to come to church! Our investigator, Richard, continues to progress little by little to his baptismal date. 

I made lunch then we headed to visit Dayana and Jordan. Later, we visited Richard and watched a talk by Pres. Monson about decisions. It is funny because when Richard's mom isn't home, we sit on his door step to teach him and his brother, Francisco. 

Thursday - 17 months in the mission!
We read a little bit in the BOM with Rosa then helped wash her clothes. Later, we took Jenny, an investigator, to an hermana who is going to beauty school to paint our nails. It was a fun night to just sit and chat. Jenny opened up more and more about her needs and how she really likes to listen to what we are teaching. She told us that she knows that the church is true! She is closer and closer to baptism. 

I woke up without a voice. The bad thing was that I had to lead the music in the meeting with El. Montoya and I was part of the choir. Hna. del Rosario could not stop laughing at me because I was coughing so hard every few seconds. We talked about the inciative for Christmas this year. We really are focusing in on giving as much service as we can. During the luncheon, we got to chat with El. Montoya's wife. It was such an amazing experience. All afternoon, we showed the Christmas message to everyone and gave cards to hand out. Geovani and his family took a bunch and were so excited to start sharing. 

We gave a tour of the chapel to Jenny and her kids. The spirit was so strong. I did not want to leave the chapel. She still is not quite sure but says that she is close. We contacted for a little bit and set a few appointments. Later, we chatted with Richard and his family about his baptism. Richard is so excited. The only challenge is that he has a heart condition and is on oxygen which makes church attendance a little difficult. We are working with ward counsel to fix that.

The ward counsel was revising the ward mission plan and we gave a few ideas to help them keep progressing as a ward. We ran around the second hour giving everyone the Christmas inciative card. Later, we ate lunch with Geovani and his family then chatted with Jenny. Richard could not come to church so we had to change his baptismal date but he is still going with his excitement. We helped an investigator was dishes before heading to Gonzales. I lost the keys on the way to Gonzales but thankfully, our land lady did not get mad. We just need to make copies... We helped a convert fold her laundry. The Christmas devotional was awesome as always! "Not only because he was born but that he lived, died, and resurrected for us."

We had a district activity today and watched The Best Two Years. Hna. del Rosario said that at the very end of the movie, it describes our relationship perfectly... I hope you all have an awesome week! 

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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