Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 74 The weird food that I ate this week...

Hey friends and family!
So last week, I sent the picture with Richard, right? Where we always teach on the doorstep if his mom is not home? Right... So this week, we got attacked a ton by dogs trying to get in and out! It was a pretty interesting week. 

We helped an hermana set up her Christmas tree. It is always funny because they all use pine trees here, just like in the states. Her son asked why they use pine trees and she said, "I don't know. They do it in the US, so we do it too." We got to the F. de la Cruz and they were playing around with gatsos (a white beetle). People here really love eating them fried with tostado (kind of like corn nuts). Yes, I tried gatsos about a month ago. No, I do not like them... We talked to them about the importance of family prayer. 

Richard, our investigator with a baptismal date, always had the idea that he was going to be baptized in the waterfalls of Peguche. We had to break the news to him that that could not happened. He was a little bummed but still really wants to get baptized. We visited a few recent converts and it was pretty funny. One family, F. Casco, finally answered our prayer to give service. We always ask if we can do anything for people but are always rejected. Today, we got some homework- teach them how to have a family home evening. It was cute because the mom said "Yes, I do have something that you can do for us!" We found a new investigator named Vicky. She is a funny lady. We will see how she progresses.

We got lost on our way to lunch. The other week, we changed up our mamitas, so I am a little lost as to where some live. They gave us "molleja" which is chicken liver. It was a very interesting experience... Later, we helped F. Antamba pick avacados from their giant tree. Yup, I got to pick avacados in Ecuador. It was pretty fun. We went up to Cajas and visited a family and they gave me chicken feet... In the evening, we were talking to some other investigators and they tried to convince me to get over my cough with goat milk... 

We chatted with Rosa Elena to see how she was doing. Oh how I love her. I told her that I had printed off her pictures of her baptism but that I would get them to her the next week. She told me that it was an excuse and that I have terrible memory (I told her a month ago that I would print them off.). We finished Richard's lessons, so he is all set and ready to go! We just need to plan his interview and he needs to come to church twice to be baptized! After leaving Richard, we went to Estela and she told us that she thought we had forgotten about her because she had not seen us in over two weeks... I felt so bad! We have a recent convert named Mercedes who is close to completing a year as a member and she is pretty funny too. I know a few words in Kechwa, so I use them with her. I said "chuspi" which is fly in Kechwa and she could not stop laughing. Her daughter told me that she tells everyone about what I said. 

Planned service projects fell through but we still had a good day. We planned some visits for the next week with members. A lady started talking to me and offered to let us help her make humitas! Yes! We visited Cynthia, a recent convert who's baby is super cute! Such a temptation! He is a little chubby thing. Next week, I will have to send a picture of him! We had our weekly meeting with our ward mission leader and coordinated how we are going to do things with the ward activity and baptisms. 

Richard came to church! Jenny and her kids came to church! They all have a baptismal date! It truly was a blessing to see them at church and so happy! Jenny has been going through a lot of things since we started visiting her but she is going strong and is super excited for her baptism! The bishopric gave us new glasses for the house. After lunch, we were sprinting out the door to catch the bus to go to San Pablo. It was pretty funny because I ran out the door without my bag, so there was Hna. del Rosario, running behind me carrying all the things as I tried to stop the bus. It was quite the sight, they told me. 
This week, we have our Christmas luncheon with Pres. and Hna. Murphy! I have my final interview tomorrow. Time is flying by way too quickly! I hope you all have a great week! Find ways to give service! 

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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