Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 68 Running... Around... In... Cirlces...

Hey friends and family!
I know... I know... You guys are sick of me saying that I am tired... So... I am exhausted! This week has been insane: arranging things for a baptism, finishing lessons, finding new peeps to teach, and making pancakes.

We had a super busy Sunday like always. Running around getting everything ready, we found out one of the members had brought a nonmember friend but unfortunately we did not have time to meet him. After lunch, we walked to Casco (about 35 minutes walking down and up a ravine) to visit people only to find that they were not there. We went contacting in a part of our sector and I found a family from Imbaya! It is so fun to keep running into everyone. We did a little noche de hogar with a few families in Pijal. 

We contacted references and then headed to a new mamita's house out in Cajas (the farthest part of our sector that we never go to...). It started to rain like crazy right as we were getting off the bus and we were soaked within 2 minutes of being outside. Lunch was fun to get to know the hermana and her husband who is the High Priest assigned to our ward. Later, we went to Casco to visit Dayana and she is officially ready for her baptism, only she lacks her interview which will be this next week.

We got to our mamita a half hour late and she said that we were never going to come. Story behind her: Everytime that we were suppose to have lunch with her, either we had an unplanned meeting or she bailed on us. During lunch, she repeatedly told us that she thought that we would never come. Well, we proved her wrong. She gave us a referral for her nephew. We visited Rosa and she is so excited for her baptism. She kept asking her daughter when we were going to come to visit so that she could tell us how excited she was. We planned a noche de hogar with a less active family that we are working with. Finally, we found Estela again and took popcorn to watch Finding Faith in Christ. Her brother stole the popcorn! Later in the evening, we visited a lady and her daughter that we had contacted the night before. She was so excited to hear what we had to share with her and happily accepted a return appointment.
We read a little bit in the Book of Mormon with Dayana. She is doing super good. She is now in 2 Nephi! We visited another family and watched Finding Faith in Christ with the wife while we waited for the husband to get home. They loved the movie so much that they asked if they could have it. 
I got a ton of bug bites while we were visiting Marleyny, our investigator. She was telling us about what she had been reading in the Book of Mormon and loves to read it. After lunch with Hna. Luz, we visited Rosa and did finishing touches for her baptism. After Rosa, ALL our appointments fell, so we went to Lake San Pablo to meditate for a little bit of what we should do. While sitting, an hermano called saying that he saw us walking past his house and wanted to give us some referrals. We went with his and his wife to Gonzales (really, we just wanted to go to the main road to visit an investigator at work in Espejo but he ended up taking us all the way to Gonzales) and told us about his friend who came to church and how he really wanted us to visit him. After we got out of the car, we quickly hopped on a bus and headed back to Espejo to have the noche de hogar. We made pancakes and watched a Mormon message about faith. The pancakes were horrible but they liked them all the same. 
We. Ran. All. Day... After our weekly planning, we ate lunch with F. Mendoza and chatted about random things. We went to visit a family of less actives but they were not home. We caught a bus to Casco and read a little bit with Dayana and her brother Jordan. Then we ran up the hill to visit a family of recent converts for a few minutes. We had to cut it short to catch a bus to San Pablo. We got to San Pablo and they were having a huge party for the birthday of San Pablo. We visited a family of investigators and are going to make wawas de pan on Tuesday for the Day of the Dead! Afterwards, we met with another recent convert then with our ward mission leader to arrange things for the baptism. We went to Gonzales and visited Luis, the friend of the hermano. He was so excited to see us and told us that since coming to church, his friend gave him a Book of Mormon and he has read 2 chapters everyday since. He is so excited to come to church on Sunday. Later, we went down to visit Erica, the lady that we had visited Tuesday. She told us that she wants to come to church on Sunday so that she can see what it is like! On our way home, I told Hna.Cruz that I was way too tired to walk up the hill back to Gonzales and that if a taxi passes by, that we would take it. I also said that I only wanted to pay $1 for the taxi. Right as I said that, a taxi passed by and took us home for $1! My prayer was answered! Hna. Cruz just laughed at me...

Right now, we are heading to go to the baptism of Rosa, so I will send pictures next week. This upcoming week, we have interviews with Pres. Murphy! It was a crazy week but a good week. I hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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