Saturday, October 8, 2016

Week 65 PDay? Saturday? Say Whaaaat?!

Hey friends and family!
Officially we changed our Pday! Ok, well just here in Otavalo! Every Saturday, people head to Otavalo to sell and buy things. That leaves every single sector in Otavalo empty. We talked with Pres. Murphy and he talked with the stake presidents and we have all come to the agreement that it would be better that we work a full day on Monday and have Saturday as Pday. It is just temporary right now to see how it goes and at the end of the transfer, we will have a definitive answer...

It was a fun district meeting. We are 12 in our district! Basically, we have the entire zone minus the elders from Cayambe. After our meeting, we went to eat and I found my jacket! The hermana had mistaken my jacket to be someone else's but brought it back. We then went to visit a new hermana named Rosa Elena. She is the mother of one of our mamitas who gave us the referral for her mom. She is a cute 70 year old. She cannot read but smiles everytime we come to visit. We told her that even though she cannot read, that she can look at the pamphlets. As we were arranging things with her daughter to take her to church, she was busily looking at the pictures in the pamphlet. She also accepted to be baptized at the end of this month!

We visited our investigator, Marleyny, and she is hilarious. We got to her house and she said that we were absolutely terrible. We asked why and she told us that it was because we did not visit her last week. We explained that a bunch of things happened but that we were always praying for her. She laughed and told us to come in. She told us it was better that we did not come last week because her husband was home and he is convinced that his son got sick because of us. She told him it was impossible because we can't hold babies (even though the temptation is very great). She says she wants us to keep coming to visit and is reading the Book of Mormon little by little! She also has been praying and has been having dreams about going to church with us. 

We went to our mamita who is the daughter of Rosa Elena and she seems so much happier now that we are visiting her mom. Today, we had to talk to Rosa about her fears of baptism. She told us that she did not want to be baptized because she was afraid of falling (she fell 2 times this morning). We told her that her son from Quito could baptize her and that put her worries at ease. After Rosa, we headed to Gonzalez and the bus we were on got a flat tire! I have no clue why but I could not stop laughing. Heavenly Father did not want us to go to our appointment, I guess... We watched a movie about Joseph Smith with a family of investigators. I love the movie of Joseph Smith because it shows what he went through so that we could have the restored gospel. 

Today we had a meeting where we were told that our Pdays are now Saturdays in Otavalo. Afterwards, I made a pretty funny joke to my zone leader. He is from Chile and Chile lost last night in soccer to Ecuador (everyone was screaming in the streets with joy... I was scared...). He was asking every so often if anyone had a joke and I said that Chile lost. Everyone lost it. After our meeting, we headed to Quito because I had been stomped really hard earlier in the week and given an ingrown toenail. I got to meet the new mission nurse and she is from Canada! Another Canadian in the mission! 
Today was so weird to have as Pday but oh well... Tomorrow morning we are dividing the stakes!! There will now be 3 stakes in Otavalo! OH HOW THE WORK IS PROGRESSING HERE! Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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