Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 67 If I die eating this, then I die happy...

Hey friends and family!
I hope you all had an awesome week! This week involved a ton of food! I know, I talk a lot about food but that is because I live for the food here! ;)
It was a busy day of meetings and church stuff as usual. We still do not have a bishop and the first counselor keeps telling everyone to be calm that we will have a bishop soon. They are so funny here. After church, we ate lunch with a family of recent converts then went to visit another recent convert. Later, we went to Rosa and had a little noche de hogar with her and another hermana. We visited one hermana with the Relief Society president and her husband so that he could give a blessing to an hermana who has a little baby that is pretty sick. It was funny because earlier in ward counsel, the Relief Society president's daughter had offered that her dad give the blessing.

We got a call saying that we were going to be doing divisions with the hermanas of Carabuela. Pres. Murphy changed the way that we do divisions: now we go work in the hermana leader´s sector both sets of hermanas. It was a little weird but still a lot of fun. I was Hna. Jueschke's first division as an hermana leader. All of our appointments fell, so we did a ton of contacting. We found some super awesome people for them to teach. We also visited an hermana who her husband had passed away over a year ago. We talked about the plan of salvation and she was so excited because she has the opportunity to see her husband again! We also did a noche de hogar with a recent convert and some members. It was a fun, simple way to end the evening. We went home, talked about goals, and ate cookie dough before crashing and burning.

Being English tutor, I have to bribe my English students (all the Latino missionaries). I told them that I would make them brownies if they get passing their English tests. I said the word brownies and they all got super excited and talked about how many modules they are going to pass (this is the key to success: bribery). We visited a few of our less actives today. I love visiting them because they are so sassy, especially Amalia, one of our new less actives. In Gonzalez, there is always a farmer's market every Tuesday. We usually go to contact. While contacting, I found white pineapple! (Story: One mamita in Yaruqui gave me white pineapple and since then I have been searchign for some but have never been able to find it! Until now!)

So... I was a little mean to one of my mamitas... I almost died laughing though... We always call our mamitas in the morning to confirm that we are going to eat at their house. Well, today, our mamita was Hna. Rocio. Usually when we go to her house for whatever thing: whether it is to drop things off, pick things up, or tell her husband to go pick up one of our investigators, I always call the house phone saying that we are outside. I called her at 9am (note: we do not leave our apartment until 11am) and said that we were outside. She said that she would open the door and hung up. I waited two minutes then called back. She said, "Are you freaking kidding me hermana?! I am not going to give you lunch... I will see you at 1pm." When we got to her house, she explained that right as I called, she was getting into the shower and had to put her clothes on to come answer the door only to not find us there. Then the thought came into her head that we cannot leave the house until 11... She said that she would give Hna. Cruz lunch but not me. We all had a good laugh. 
We talked to our investigator with a baptismal date, Geovani, who is having family problems. We talked about how he could fix everything with the gospel. He was too tired to really want to listen so we said that we would visit later (We visit him about twice a day- once at work and once at home). We finished Rosa's lessons for her baptismal interview and she was so excited. Later in the evening, we helped Geovani's daughter with her high school project of making an Inca outfit for who know's what... Geovani was still pretty upset so we left a little early. 

Our trainings are always really long... Today we talked about the importance of baptism, the Atonement, and repentance. Hna. Murphy talked about how there are two extremes about the Atonement: I don't need it or I am not good enough to be helped. The mission nurses gave a training about emergency kits and situations. We switched out all the food in the emergency kits. Hna. Cruz received a cake for passing her final English exam. She got intermediate!! Yay! All her hard work paid off. After our meeting, we reviewed the baptismal questions with Rosa then headed to Gonzalez. Estela is doing super awesome. Little by little, you can see her prayers are changing. She is slow progress but progress nonetheless!

We forgot everything! After lunch, we had to run home to get a baptismal record sheet for Rosa. On the way to pick up Rosa for the interview, we realized that we had left her teaching record at home... Thankfully, El. Unzueta still did the interview and he did it in Kechwa! Rosa speaks and understands Spanish but things are more clear for her in Kechwa. El. Unzueta is from Peru where they speak a different form of Kechwa but it is still very similar. Rosa was pretty excited. Rosa passed her baptismal interview! She will be baptized next Saturday by her son! Yay! Later, we visited Estela and even though she did not accept a baptismal date, she did accept the invitation which is even more progress. We changed Geovani's baptismal date for 5th of November. He seemed a lot more comfortable with the date. 

Today, we went all the way to San Pablo just to buy monzarella cheese. Hna. Cruz and I made lunch at home and bought some super good pork. We made macaroni and cheese. Guys, it was pretty fantastic. Later, we went looking for things in the market that Hna. Cruz to take home as souveneirs. It was funny because we kept running into one guy that was selling belts. He at first said that they could be for us. The last time we saw him, he shouted in English that we could buy them for our boyfriends... Ummm... Tuku rishka... Hna. Cruz and I just looked at each other and laughed.
Hope you all have an awesome week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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