Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 59 These aren't the indigenous that I have known...

Hey friends and family!
San Pablo is a pretty awesome sector. The members are awesome and there is a ton to do. This is the sector is well known for having tons of baptisms (you can tell because we have a ton of recent converts to take care of...). There are so many things different about this sector but it is awesome. First off, the peeps here. There are two different types of indigenous, I have come to find out. One is from Otavalo. The ones that go walking around in their anakos and alpargatas. The other are those from Cayambe. They have almost the same style of blouse but have bright, colorful acordian style skirts (I will send a picture next week of one). They also wear alpargatas.
I have been accepted into the San Pablo ward. They think I am funny, so that's good. We have a part of our sector names Casco and everytime Hna. Cruz says it, I think that she is saying Costco... We chatted with a teenager who politely listened to us then told us that he was grateful for our time but that he was converted to his religion. It was crazy. I met the F. Pachito and they are awesome recent converts. You know the gospel really does change lives when you see a man covered in tatoos reading from the Book of Mormon on a daily basis. 

I told Hna. Cruz that I think that our mamitas hate us because yesterday and today cancelled on us. She laughed. Turns out, something happened everytime so that they could not give us lunch. I was ok with that because we got to be our mamitas today and I made a beef stroganaff. Some days, it really is fun to be our own mamita. After lunch, we went exploring a part of our sector named Pijal. We found a mom and her daughter who went inactive after a year of membership. They happily received us and told us that they wanted us to visit her husband, a nonmember. Later, we visited a lady and her mom. The lady's daugther was watching a barbie movie and I will not lie, it brought back a ton of babysitting memories... It sometimes is really hard when we can't play with the little kids... :(

For our district meeting, our district leader had us throw water balloons at him from the other side of the basketball court. I came the closest to hitting him (it landed at his feet!). It showed how we really cannot help people if we do not invite them to read, pray, and other things, then later verify if they did them. After our meeting, we visited with a family where one of the sons wants to progress but is stuck in his doubts. We talked about the simplicity of the gospel and he had an "ah-hah" moment when he realized that all he has to do is have faith that Heavenly Father will guide him. 

We had an hermano come install a new smoke detector in the house. He knows me pretty well from when my house burned down in the coast and said that when I come back to visit the mission, that he will take me and whoever else comes with me to the Oriente, since hermanas cannot go in our mission. I am pretty excited. We ate lunch with a family of RM's and the mom says that she will help me finish putting together my Otavalanian blouse that I started about 3 months ago (I am almost done!). I met F. Casco and they wanted to sing to close our lesson. We could not stop laughing for 5 minutes and they kept blaming me. It was hilarious because even teh super serious 16 year old son was laughing. 

We visited the F. Pachito and the hermana wants me to teach her how to embroider with ribbon. I feel pretty cool... Ok, yeah not really... I met our ward mission leader and he is awesome. No one was really home so we contacted the rest of the night until it was time to go home. 

So that mom and daughter that we found in Pijal who the dad is not a member? Yeah, they brought him to church and he liked it! We ate lunch with a couple that have been members for two years and they are hilarious. We went looking for people but no one was home! You have to love the weekends where everyone calls it, DURMINGO instead of DOMINGO. Hahaha they are funny people. 
Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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