Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 56 Fancy Hospital Food? What?

Hey friends and family!

Yep, from what you can see in the title, we got to spend enough time in the hospital that we were fed a few times.

In my studies, we were given a talk about the Divine Gift of Repentance by El. Christofferson. He really knows how to call us to repentance. I really enjoyed the talk and suggest it! We went to Quito for a doctor's appointment. It went well. Hna. Padilla was given some medicine to help with her head and stomach. I had a dentist appointment a little bit later. At the dentist, there were 6 other missionaries there waiting to see the dentist. It was a little ridiculous. I got checked really quick then we were about to head home when the nurse said it was too late to go home. We helped in the office for a little bit until they let us go sleep at the nurse's house. I finally learned what they do with all of our weekly reports. They all get put into a big binder and sent to Salt Lake City. How cool is that?! 
We chatted with the nurses for a little bit before heading back to Otavalo. When we got home, we did our weekly planning and went to lunch. We met up with the hermana leaders and did splits so that we could get some work done in our sector. I got to go with Hna. Cardenas to work in Imbaya. We visited one of our recently reactivated youth and his friend then contacted until it was time to meet up again. When we got together again, Hna. Padilla and I went to visit a few of our inactives that are close to being reactivated. Afterwards, we visited one of our investigators to verify that she is reading. She has been marking her scriptures and circling the words that she does not understand! That is awesome because it shows that she is ready to learn!

The mission is a ton of paperwork I have come to decide. We have to keep everything on file that we do and turn in reports. We had our zone counsel and talks about the challenges that our zone has been having. We all laughed because our whole zone has been basically sick this whole month. After our meeting, we ate lunch at the bishop's house and chatted with the housekeeper. She says that we can come to visit her and her husband! Yay! We visited a few other investigators then headed to have our weekly meeting with our ward mission leader. The poor guy had a ton of things that he had to talk about in ward counsel.
Hna. Padilla was not doing so well during studies, so we called the nurse. She set an appointment for that day and we headed to Quito (again...). When Hna. Padilla came out of the appointment, she told me that we were going to spend some more time in the hospital. She was admitted and we began a bunch of tests. The bright point of this night was while the doctor was doing an ultrasound and I was cracking water jokes to Hna. Padilla because she had to go to the bathroom really bad. The doctor almost had an accident himself as I told the jokes.
I was stuck. In a tiny hospital room. All day. And could not leave. I almost went insane. Thankfully, the nurses came to visit. Also, the zone leaders from Quito Oeste came to give Hna. Padilla a blessing. Also, I was fed very fancy food. Who the heck eats salmon in a hospital?? Me. I did a ton of study today. I read through 12 chapters of the Bible, all the Pearl of Great Price, and 4 very long talks. By the time I get home, I will know so much it will be ridiculous. Just kidding but still, I got tired from studying...
The assistants came and gave us the sacrament because we could not leave our hospital room. Then they sang us a hymn. It was a little weird... We did some more studying. The nurses came and I got to go for a 10 minute walk to get me out of the tiny hospital room. It was so nice to get out. 

All the tests came back negative for Hna. Padilla. She was sent home with some medication and rest for a few more days. We are doing good. I hope you all have a great week and to hear from you soon! :)
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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