Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 58 Nooo! They took me out of Imbaya!!!

Hey friends and family!

I think this is officially the first time that I have cried about receiving transfers. I thought that with these transfers, I would only be working in Imbaya or Cotama but I got transferred to San Pablo! Nooo! Oh well, it is the same work every where you go.

I love how one of our less actives is super pumped to keep progressing to help her husband to come to know the church. While we were talking to Silvia, she told us that she wanted to receive her Patriarchal blessing to help her husband. It is so awesome that she is seeking more the help of the Lord to help her husband. Later in the evening, we visited Rebeka and Cristian. While talking about faith and repentance, Hna. Padilla found a giant worm on her sweater and was freaking out for the rest of the night. It was a pretty funny sight.
We ate lunch with F. Picuasi and took pictures with them. I had lent my camera to Hno. Picuasi for an English project and when he returned my camera, I had tons of selfies of him with his wife and baby. It was pretty funny. We went back to finish what we were talking about with Rebeka and Cristian and the whole time their little girl, Amy, was planning with my Plan of Salvation cutouts. She thoroughly enjoyed them. 
Our weekly meetings are a little weird now that we do not have zone meetings after district meetings but hey, we still get stuff done. We went to a part of Cotama named Quitugo where we met a partial family (not all are members) and they are super awesome. They received us well and understood even better.
We were invited to a ward baptism to give a message. Pamela was so excited to be baptized! We have been visiting her and her family because her sister is inactive. They are an awesome family. Afterwards, we went with an hermano to a less active so that he could give her a blessing. It is always amazing to feel the spirit when someone receives a blessing. We visited a recent convert who has been struggling and tonight, she was doing tons better! She open up about her doubts and problems and felt a lot better after we left. 
We went to go visit the family in Quitugo that we had visited in Thursday but only two of the kids were home. One, a 14 year old boy, did not want to be near us at all. He had been through quite a bit and just hurts inside. We started talking about the Restoration and he just looked down at the ground the whole time. As we started to talk about Joseph Smith and how he had been through quite a bit but decided to pray then had the First Vision, the boy head slowly started to raise. With more time, he began to participate and happily accepted a Book of Mormon and a date for baptism!
We got Hna. Padilla's stuff together and went to church. No one seemed to have paid attention when she said that she was going home because everyone after Sacrament meeting was asking about her going home soon, as in next week or something. We took a few pictures with members, sat through our two ward counsels, and then the bishop took us to the church. Originally, I was going to go with the hermanas of Carabuela but it made more sense to go with Hna. Cruz, who her companion was going home as well, than go with them. I said goodbye to Hna. Padilla and then we headed to go home for lunch. We visited a few people then got home dead tired. We waited for the calls. First, Hna. Cruz got her call saying that I would be going to San Pablo (another part of Otavalo) with her. She kept saying that she did not believe him and when she hung up, she said that we would wait to see what my district leader said. About 20 minutes later, I got the same call. We quickly packed my stuff and went to bed. 

This morning, we went to drop off a few things at the neighbor and when they asked about transfers, they said, "Thanks Hna. Cruz for coming to take away our Hna. Duff..." It was pretty funny but sad at the same time. I hugged everyone goodbye and we headed to Gonzales (where we live.). In San Pablo, there is a giant lake and our sector is everything around the lake. It is pretty awesome. We can see a little bit of the lake from our house. What is really nice is that I am still close to Otavalo so that if we go to the market, I still have the chance to see all the members from Imbaya and Cotama!

That is pretty much my week in a nutshell. I hope you all have a great week!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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