Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 54 Missionaries are not immune or invincible I have come to learn...

Hey friends and family!

We had another few days locked up in the house but then we were able to work only to get sent right back to the house. If I am not dying from something, then Hna. Padilla is dying... It is a vicious cycle but Heavenly Father gives us blessings here and there to keep us going! :)
Today was my first full day of work and all I wanted to do was sing "Libre Soy" (Let It Go from Frozen in Spanish). Hna. Padilla could only roll her eyes at me the whole time. We had a fun conversation with the Bishop and his wife from Imbaya. Then we went and were visiting teaching companions with one hermana because her teaching companion went to Italy... We had a fun time. One of our recently reactivated members gave us a reference and she is awesome! Her name is Maria and she told us that she loves listening to us because we explain everything so that she can understand. She kept saying how she felt so peaceful to listen to us. We visited the F. Cacuango afterwards and they are progressing little by little. Rebeka has a brother serving a mission. She asked about my old bug bites from the coast and I explained them. She asked if I put on repellent and I told her every day. She said, "Stupid mosquitos, they do not respect repellent. Sometimes all I want to say is `Respect me!`" We almost died of laughter. We visited a less active, Silvia and her nonmember husband. It was an awesome lesson because he had a ton of questions and sat and ponder everything that we said. 

We did weekly planning, ate lunch, and then headed to have a training with Pres. Murphy. We talked about repentance and how we need to be explaining it a lot more in detail than what we have been. Out of everything that missionaries teach, the most important is repentance because we cannot progress without repentance. After training, we went to visit Silvia but her husband wasn`t home. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon with her so that she could explain to her husband. We visited the F. Otavalo and they only need a little bit to be considered reactivated completely! Yay!
We talked about how little by little, rules are changing in the mission. Pres. Murphy told us yesterday that our mission is at a very high level of obedience so now we are going to become a consecrated mission. It was pretty exciting to see the little changes that they are doing. It is a little hard at the same time because we have been so accustomed to Pres. and Hna. Richardson. We practiced contacting people in less than a minute. The funny thing is that I had done it that morning on our way to the meetings with two different people. We went to Quito so that I could have some dental work done then bought some really good bread from the bakery near the offices. We contacted a nice taxi driver while buying the bread and he took us to the terminal to go back to Otavalo for free. He also said that missionaries were more than welcomed to come visit him. With the help of the taxi driver, we got home at 9 instead of 11 which was really good because Hna. Padilla got really sick. 
We helped a less active and his semi-active wife do some yard work taking out some grass. They did not think that little gringa Hna. Duff could do it. I showed them that not all gringos are weak and uncapable of doing some yard work. We took out some sod then talked about the power of prayer. The wife said that we were an answer to her prayers. We did visits with the elders while others went contacting in our sector to help us out since we have not been able to work for the past 2 weeks. Our less active, Patricia, was out in the street waiting for us to get there. It was cute. She keeps on telling me that she is afraid that I have forgotten about her. After chatting with Patricia, we went back and finished all the lessons with F. Otavalo. They are officially reactivated! :) Yay! We then went back to Silvia and her husband and explained the BOM. He told us that he is now really excited to read the BOM because he now understands why we have it.
Hna. Padilla decided to die in the middle of a lesson. All day she was fine until we got to our second to last appointment. She started shaking with really bad chills and a high fever. I tried calling our leaders and the people we were visiting looked at me like I did not have a heart. They wanted me to take her to the emergency room but we have to have authorization. We went home and I put her to bed until I could contact the nurse. We got everything situated. Hna. Padilla rested while I set members to buy medicine. 
We were only able to go to church to take the sacrament then we went home. Hna. Padilla rested all day. Our ward mission leader and young men's president came by to give her a blessing. She started feeling better in the evening. We are going to Quito on Tuesday to get her checked out by the doctor. Heavenly Father keeps watching over us by sending the members and leaders. I am very blessed to be in this sector and to be living where we chose to live. 

Hope you have a great week! Keep me up to date on your lives!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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