Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 53 Looking Forawrd to Getting Back to Work

Hey friends and family!

It has been a really rough week for me, I will not lie. So I told you guys how I was put to rest the other weekend? Well, I have had to rest almost all week because my foot was not getting better... Let us just say that being a missionary and being locked up in the house for more than a week is BRUTAL! I am dying to go out and work!

I woke up and could not walk without a ton of pain. It was really weird because I was walking around the day before just fine. Hna. Padilla called the nurse on me again and I was told that I had to come home every evening at 6pm until she could get me an appointment. Any missionary knows that the best time to get set appointments is 6pm and on. I was not a happy camper... We helped de-cob corn for the bishop of Imbaya. We chatted about a few of the people in the ward, ate lunch, and then headed to visit a few other people. We talked to a family about how they could put into practice the Family Proclamation to help them better their family relationship and problems. Then we had a noche de hogar with Armando and Cindy with the F. Arellano. Cindy is an inactive and Armando is investigating the church little by little. It was hilarious. First we watched a Mormon message then played a game. The game was funny because we each had a fruit and then had to say someone else`s fruit. If your fruit was said, you had to quickly say another one or the person in the middle smacked you with a pillow. We were dying of laughter. We came home to our neighbor, a member, chastizing me about my foot and how I needed to be resting... She left then came back to put a gel on my foot. It was quite the sight. Hna. Padilla afterwards said "You know when you are loved, they chastize you". Apparently I am well loved here in Imbaya.
During our weekly planning, one of our other neighbors came banging on the door to see how my foot was doing... We had lunch with a recently married couple where the husband told us that after he returned from his mission, he asked his wife, on the first date, to be his girlfriend and to marry him... No they did not date before the mission and yes, they did get married on the date that they put. They have a super cute baby named Mahana (the girl from Johnny Lingo or whatever it is called). We read the BOM with a few oldies then did some contacting before going home. While being locked up in the house tonight, Hna. Padilla wanted me to show her how to do some make up. Now, I am no expert but I showed a little bit... Then I added a few other things like a beard and a black eye... And the Harry Potter lightning bolt... Good times... 
Hna. Padilla and I had to prepare a training and let`s just say, I am not a very good trainer... We talked about how we needed to complete our "DEBER" (job) which is helping others to make commitments and to complete them. We have quite a few less actives who are progressing really well! We visited a few of them before having to go home again. We did some phone contacting and one of them had apparently moved to Guayaquil and asked when we could visit... 
The bus took forever to get to Quito but we made it! On a different bus from the bus terminal to the hospital, I sat next to a deaf man. He kept looking over at me so I decided to try to talk to him only to find out that he was deaf. I do not know sign language but I do know a few signs. I asked if he knew how to read and he said yes. I gave him a Family Proclamation and he kept looking over and smiling as he read. As I was getting off, I told him that his Heavenly Father loved him and he made the sign for crying while smiling. It was an amazing experience. On the way to the hospital in Quito, we ran into some other hermanas and ended up getting lunch together before having to go to the same doctor. "What can we do about my foot?" "Well, hermana, we are going to have to cut it off..." "Alright, let`s get started!" "Ummm that was not the response that I was expecting..." This was my conversation with Dr. Ramos. He was a super sassy doctor. He sent me to go get xrays of my foot and guess what! I broke my foot!... No, just kidding, I just messed up the ligaments a little bit. I was sent home with 3 days of rest, 8 days of medication, and a wrapped foot. We ended up getting home around 11pm...
Our hermana leaders showed up at the house to check up on us. They offered for next week to come work in our sector to help us out. We made lunch and cleaned the house. Hna. Padilla washed a ton of the blankets in the house. I was embroidering my blouse while she did that and one of our neighbors offered me $15 and 3 scarves for my blouse. It was pretty funny. I did Hna. Padilla`s hair then we convinced our district leader that I was going home again. The poor guy... We called him back about a half hour later to tell him it was a joke. 
Heavenly Father helps us out when we cannot quite complete the task! I was really discouraged because we had not been able to work in our sector all week. I was really worried about all of our people and wanted to cry at the thought that they would feel neglected. A miracle happened! A family of inactives came that we had not visited in a month because they did not want to progress. The F. Chaves is considered completely reactivated! A recent convert brought a friend investigator! All of this probably happened because we had to give talks. I gave my first talk ever in my mission today about how we can help retain members. It was pretty rough but the members liked it. I finished embroidering the sleeves of my blouse and Hna. Padilla went through her suitcases. It was a pretty tranquil night. 

Tomorrow I get to go back to work like normal! Yay! Hope you have a great week and to hear from you soon!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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