Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 52 A New Beginning

Hey friends and family!

This week was a little bit of a rough week. We did not get to work in our sector that much because of meeting our new president, Pres. Murphy and his wife, Hna. Padilla had a doctor`s appointment in Quito, and I was forced to take two days of rest for a foot injury... But! We had transfers this week and I get to stay in Imbaya! Yay! I was praying super hard that I would not get transferred... We will see if I can finish out my mission here. Do you think Heavenly Father will let me stay for the next 4 transfers?? ;)

On our way to the hospital for a doctor`s appointment for Hna. Padilla, I had a mini-revelation of why I like Otavalo so much, especially Imbaya: it is a lot like Meridian. I am super close to the city but close to the countryside. It has such a good balance that I do not ever want to leave! We got to Quito a little early and ran into some other hermanas that were going to the hospital for appointments too. It was fun to catch up them. We got in to see the doctor quick and hurried back to Otavalo. 
We got to meet our new mission president and some of his family, Pres. and Hna. Richardson. They are super sweet and look a lot like the Richardsons, just Hna. Murphy is blonde. We got to meet 3 of the kids and listen to their perspectives and goals for the mission. We also got to have a one-on-one chat with Pres. Murphy. In talking to Pres. Murphy, he thought that I was training Hna. Padilla. It was pretty funny. We did some fun practices of teaching with the assistants. When we went to work, we realized that one of our recent converts completed his one year mark. He was called to be the ward missionary. That was some pretty exciting news!
We had a marshmallow fight in our district meeting... The things that we do as missionaries... Haha I love our district/zone. One of our zone leaders ended his mission so he bore his testimony. It is so weird to think about how everytime a missionary bears their testimony, that means I am one step closer to having to bear my testimony again... So weird... We visited a less active and her inlaws who just recently had a member of the family pass away. We talked about the Atonement and it was amazing the spirit you could feel. They were so grateful to listen to the message that we have to offer that they said we were more than welcome to come back anytime to share a message. We helped them move a little bit of furniture and they sent us on our way with a 2L of juice and a ton of bread each! We get fed really well here in Imbaya and Cotama. Our ward mission leader looked at us a little funny when we came to have our weekly meeting and were carrying a 2L of juice each.
We helped an hermana make bracelets and then quickly ate lunch. While waiting for the bus, we got covered head to toe with dust. Here it is summer and so the wind is blowing a ton! We come home basically brown every night. We visited a few less actives and one told us that she was afraid that if we had transfers, we would forget about her (this is why we have the area book). We taught another less active of 10 years and he told us that he has not a single doubt about Joseph Smith. He was a pretty cool one to talk to. 
So, story time: the other week we were walking and I kicked a huge piece of metal and cannot really walk all too well... Hna. Padilla kept telling me that she would not call the nurse then she called the nurse. I got the order for two days of rest! Ridiculous! I talked to my district leader and he gave me permission to go to the appointments that were set. It was a really sad day because our appointments fell and I was stuck at home icing my foot...
We were given the news that Otavalo is going to have another stake! Yay! And guess what it is going to be called! IMBAYA! YAY! Hahaha Hna. Padilla did a hard eye roll to that one. We sat through our usual 6 hours of church and hour and a half of ward counsels then I received a blessing from the Elders. We visited a little bit then went home so that I could ice my foot. While waiting for transfers, the earth shook a few times. Our district leader first told us that I would be going back to the coast to open a sector and that Hna. Padilla would be staying here. He hung up and then called back 5 minutes later to let us no that no one had changes in our zone... I wanted to smack him... An hermano gave me the Bible in Kechwa! Now all I need is the Book of Mormon and the Hymn book and I am all set!

Hope you have a great week! Kaya kama!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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