Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 50 One Year Down! Oh snap!

Hey friends and family!

I hit the big 1 year mark this Friday! I cannot believe I have finally made it to this point! I still tell everyone that I started in November so they all think that I have 7 months in the mission. It is quite funny. This week, San Juan is winding down. On our way to write, we had to pass a huge group of people (200+) and let me just say, it is like Halloween going on right now. All should be calm and tranquil after Wednesday.

I sinned by crossing the main road and entering into Cotama! Ahhh! No, just kidding but I feel so weird working across the main road where I was always told that we never cross the road... Thank goodness it does not cover the land mass that Imbaya covers or else it would take forever to learn. We went and read the Book of Mormon to an elderly couple then visited a family with 6 girls. It was a pretty fun lesson and the 14 year old loves reading the BOM and how she feels as she reads. We just now have to get the mom reading and the family can progress. We visited a less active named Cindy and the funny thing is that I have met her because I reactivated her brother in Imbaya back in May but I could not seem to figure out how I knew her until we got home. 

Weekly planning took forever because we had to teach each other our wards. It is quite interesting to be working with both. We read the BOM with a recently reactivated teenager and he said that he did not do some of his homework because he was enjoying the BOM too much. We help an hermana make dream catchers for a little bit then went to visit a less active who has been coming to church! She progressing little by little. We had to take the keys to the other house to our zone leaders so that they could close up the house officially.

I met the bishop of Cotama and we talked about how we were going to work in the ward and his goals for us. It was a good little chat. We visited the F. Chaves and then had our meeting with our ward mission leader for Imbaya. He laughed when he heard that we were taking care of 2 wards. 
We visited our recent convert, Freddy, who is going to Quito for the next 2 months! No! So sad! Then we walked up and visited with our recently reactivated Cristina about having patience even though it can be really hard. Her visiting teachers accompanied us and on our way back down the mountain, we talked about how missionaries need to close their hearts during their mission. 

We got to sit in on the ward activity for Imbaya. They had a huge dance party, so we took some food and left. It was cool for a second because we got to see a little of the traditional dancing. One of our investigators, Rebeca, received a blessing because she fell off of a roof and broke her shoulder. The bishop was thankfully able to go with us to give her the blessing. 

7am Cotama
9:30am Ward counsel Imbaya
10am Ward counsel Cotama 
10:45am Imbaya
3pm Lunch
Our schedule is a little crazy on Sundays now that we have to go to 2 wards but fun all the same. We saw some dancers after lunch and then had a movie night with the Cotama ward.

Hope you have a great week!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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