Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 33 I think my new resume will say "Furniture and Cement mover"

February 29, 2016
Hey friends and family!
This week was quite the week for us! We did quite a bit of service and had a baptism! Stephany was able to be baptized! Well, we had to scramble around to make sure that everything came to pass but she did it! Annnnnnnnnnd I am exhausted!
We had the hermana leaders show up at our house to do an amonita (house check). It went really well. We passed! So that´s always good... We visited with Family Santa Cruz and they are doing good. It is like a roller coaster with them, sometimes they are up and sometimes they are down but that is life with everyone. Cristina is doing a lot better. We are doing little bits of service everytime we go to visit her and it is functioning. She is more and more comfortable with us everytime. We also prepped Stephany for her baptism this Friday. 

Honestly, we focused in a lot on our less actives. We visited with the Family Santa Cruz, Cristina, and Hilda. They are all taking babysteps to coming back to church! 

Today we had our monthly council of our zone. It was super fun and we are seeing a lot of miracles in the zone! After our meeting, we went to go take Hna. Rojas´s English exam (Englis has gotten very hard...). We got there early only to find out there was problems with the computers. We waited an hour then took a very interesting test. I am glad as gringos that we do not have to take tests to see how our Spanish is. Well, I guess everyday is a test to see how we are doing. Anyways, we ate lunch with Hermana Richardson then went to do visits with her. It was awesome! Afterwards, she dropped us off at the church for our weekly noche de hogar. Tonight, we reenacted the story of Nephi going to get the brass plates. It was super funny. We brought props and "Laban", Hno Samuel, had to wear a pink nightgown as his armor. It was hilarious! We got home and had to make a bunch of calls to figure out all of the clothing situation for the baptism and how they were going to get to the chapel. It was quite the night. 

We got a call from Hna. Richardson about the results from Hna. Rojas´s English exam and she got Intermediate Low! That means that she can enter into BYUI Pathways program! She was super excited to find that one out! I tried calling our district leader to see if he could bring the baptismal clothing but he did not answer so we had to go all the way to San Carlos to get it.  We then went and visited again Family Santa Cruz and Cristina. We helped Hno. Santa Cruz move cinder blocks for about a half hour and he was shocked when we asked what else we could do for him. Stephany´s baptism went awesome! After all the running around and organizing, she was able to enjoy her baptism and that is the most important part of all.

We helped our neighbors below move to the apartment next to us for a good hour and a half. It was quite the task and as we were getting ready to leave, their family showed up to help move the rest of it. We found out some sad news from Hna. Cecilia that she is planning on switching to live in Tumbaco because of the problems she has been having but we are hoping the scriptures we have shared have helped. When we got home, our neighbors gave us an apple crisp/pie thingy to show their gratitude for our help.
Today was a day of miracles! I wanted to cry! Hno. Santa Cruz came to church for the first time in 17 years! Stephany was confirmed a member of the church. Hna. Santa Cruz was completely reactivate and now we have hope for her husband to come back! We had several other people come to church who had not come in quite a while. After church, we went to visit Victor and had a serious talk about the word of wisdom. He said that he now understands that he has to keep the word of wisdom because it is a commandment. We had an hermana from Venezuela accompany us to make visits and she was super awesome. She told Victor straight up that what he was doing was destroying his health and that he needed to stop. He agreed to live the word of wisdom and is one step closer to baptism! 
That´s pretty much it for this week! We celebrated our last Pday together by buying Colombian soda and eating soggy rice! Transfers are next week!!! Ahhh! Where has the time gone?! Tomorrow I complete 8 months!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana
Faith in February brings Miracles in March!

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