Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 32 I have gone native and I don't think I'll come back

Hey friends and family!
This week was quite the week! We listened to El. Holland again (I got to shake his hand!!!). Joselyn was confirmed a member of the church. I got to dress up like a native from Otavalo. It was a good but exhausting week!
We have been working with the family Santa Cruz lately and we ended up teaching every single one of them separately because they were all coming and going at different times. We then took Hna. Cecilia and Ñusta to the church for the Relief Society activity. I am so sad that I did not take my camera because it was hilarious! We played a bunch of minute to win it games and then ate lots of food afterwards (because it is not a Relief Society activity without food).

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BOOM! Jeffrey R. Holland! Poderoso! We got to listen to Jeffrey R. Holland today and it was awesome. Before that, I got to see everyone from before I went home to my family of hermanas from the Coast (I kinda miss the coast...). It was like one big happy reunion (for the first time since Misión Quito Norte was all together). El. Holland told us that when he shook our hands and had us say our names and where we were from, he was interviewing us by looking into our eyes. I can now say that I have been interviewed by an apostle. I love listening to El. Holland testify. He just has a lot of power behind him. Something interesting that he said was that we are all investigators (no matter when we were or are going to be baptized). We are permanent investigators always looking to strengthen our testimony. It is so true. The gospel is something that we have to constantly work at to keep our testimonies strong. He also said that the most important thing that we can get out of our mission is our personal conversion. Does not matter if we have 10 converts, 3 converts, or no converts. What does matter is that we have our own personal testimony of the Savior and of this gospel. 

We had our weekly meeting! Just kidding! Nope, it got moved to Friday because of people renewing their visas (ya mismo I get to!). We had the interview for Stephany to be baptized and she passed!! She is going to be baptized this coming Friday!!! Woooo! She is such a cute little girl and is super excited for her baptism. We gave Hna. Cecilia a tour of the church (yeah she´s a less active but it always helps to remind them of the importance of the church) and she loved it. We had our weekly family home evening as a ward in the church and one of the guys that Hna. Rojas and I had contacted came! He lives in the other hermana´s sector but hey, it was still pretty cool! 

We had our weekly meetings and talked about how we have to set goals if we are going to accomplish anything but to reach those goals, we have to exercise our faith a ton! I then went and did divisions with Hna. Pingree. She is the new hermana leader for our zone and I was the first hermana to do divisions with her (the poor thing ;) ). We had tons of fun and she got to meet Joselyn and Stephany. We taught one guy on his front porch and ended up having a few of our less actives and other investigators come join us on the porch. It was like we had a mini congregation going on the porch. 

We switched back and went to the church for our weekly meeting with the ward mission leader. When we got there, the ward was having an activity of clothes swap. The Relief Society president takes very good care of us and let us pick out a few things so I got a "new" skirt, dress, and a shirt. We then went to each lunch and the hermana gave us a bunch of sweaters and somethings for our less actives. Later we went to visit the family Santa Cruz to give them the clothes and Ñusta, the daughter, was super excited to come to church that she was going to dress up in her Otavalian clothes. Hna. Rojas decided that she would to and they were all talking excitedly about getting dressed up. They asked me if I would but when I told them that I did not have any of the clothing, Hna. Cecilia started pulling out blouses, anakos, belts, and bracelets. I got to pick one and she gave it to me! She said that she is going to make me an anako that is long enough for me (sometimes being tall...). She is seriously the sweetest lady ever!

Otavalian clothes hurt... Maybe it´s just because I have been sick but ooof! My side muscles hurt so bad because you have to put it on really tightly so that the anako (the skirt part) does not fall down. I almost died it hurt so bad. Church went awesome! Joselyn was confirmed, a lady that I had contacted in the bus came to church, Ñusta really enjoyed church, and it just is always a good day when I get to go sit in the church. We ran around make quick little visits here and there all day. We were dead tired by the end of the night and super pumped to take off the skirts (you have no idea... maybe I am not from Otavalo...). 

We were invited to go eat in lunch with family Egas. Hna. Rojas made some food from Colombia and I taught Kevin, the youngest son, how to make brownies. We went to the clinic for Hna. Rojas and will find out tonight from the nurse what we are going to do with her. So keep praying for her please!
As y´all can see, it was quite the week and this week is looking like it´ll be a good one too! Keep on smiling and hope to hear from ya soon!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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