Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 30 Carnival

Hey friends and family!

Well, Carnival has been quite the exciting time! People are running around with spray foam and dumping buckets of water on each other. It has been quite the hilarious sight and we even participated a little bit today for our Pday after we did a little bit of service for a less active family that we are teaching. It was quite the adventure but was lots of fun!
We were sent to the clinic because Hna. Rojas has been having stomach problems for the past week and a half. An hermana helped us find a cheap clinic so that she could be tested. Come to find out, she has a parasite and now has to take pills for 2 weeks! Yuck!
We got surprised with having our weekly meeting today, so our plans went out the window. We focused in on exploding our faith in helping others find this light. For the month of February and March, we will be sacrificing something to help us focus in better on helping others. It is a tradition that the missions in Ecuador have had for years and we are going to continue it. It is called "Fe en Febrero trae Milagros en Marzo" (Faith in February brings Miracles in March). For my sacrifice, I decided that until April, I am not going to listen to music in the house and am going to start my personal study at 7:30 rather than 8am. 

After our meetings, we went and visited a bunch of people with Hno. Egas who gave priesthood blessings. It was truly amazing to feel the spirit as the hermanos y hermanas recieved blessings of comfort, counsel, and health. I am so grateful to have the priesthood and worthy men to posses it in my life and the comfort that I can find in it. Heavenly Father truly does love us.
We had interviews with President Richardson! Where did the time go?? It felt like only last month we were having interviews but nope, that was all the way back in November. Both President and Hermana Richardson asked me how the house in Esmeraldas burned... President says that he is going to have someone check out the electricity in the house. Hna. Richardson and I talked about my experiences these past few months and she shared a few scriptures. We reviewed our area book and got giant chocolate chip cookies because we have been taking care of our area book! :)
I went and did divisions in San Carlos with Hna. Contreras! Funny story: ALL of our appointments fell! We ended up walking the sector a ton. We climbed their mountain several times and tried talking with a bunch of people but no one wanted to talk with us. By the end of the night, my feet hurt so bad because we walked a straight 5 hours without sitting down! My head hit the pillow and I was out like a light!
We switched back! Hna. Rojas and I headed to Nayon to visit a few of our less actives. Then we headed up to the chapel so that Joselyn could have her baptismal interview. She passed and is still on track to be baptized this Saturday!! :) She is more and more excited for her baptism everyday! It is amazing to see how the gospel changes lives. She is super excited to be an example to her family and to help them come back to the gospel.
Church was awesome today! We had a bunch of less actives come to church that we were sort of doubting were going to come. One hermana said after church that that was what she was missing in her life and she loved the spirit she could feel. Nelly, another less active, is just one week away from being completely reactivated! Her daughter, Stefany, is super excited to be baptized soon! After church, we ate lunch with the family Cruz. I seriously love this family. We were all joking around while lunch was heating up and then looked at the pictures from Hna. Cruz´s mission. We passed by another member then went to Nayon to visit our less actives. More were able to receive a blessing and are super pumped to come to church next week!

This week was a fairly busy week but a good week nonetheless! Hna. Rojas is feelings tons better and we are determined to work hard this week! And! We are going to have a baptism! Oooooo I forgot to mention... Jeffrey R. Holland is coming to visit our stake/mission this week!! How awesome is that?! We get to listen to him in Stake conference and then as a mission on Wednesday! Wooohooooo! Happy week of Carnival!
Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

Ps. If you could pray for my companion, Hna. Rojas, that would be greatly appreciated. Not only is she sick but her grandmother passed away, so today has been a little rough.

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