Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 8 The Tale of Two Gimpies

Hola my dear family and friends!

Sometimes, I really am beginning to wonder about how the mission life should be... Like I always say, this week has been quite the adventure (this week more than any other week thus far).

Monday (Last Monday)
We had our normal Pday activities. Well, we were suppose to have a zone activity in Cumbaya but there was confusion and we did not go. Oh well! There will be more! After we finished cleaning, shopping, and writing, we went to visit the Chicaiza faimly and talked about missionary work. We were walking towards Marta's home when we ran into one of our investigators, Veronica , and then five minutes later, we ran into her husband, Oscar. It was a funny little coincidence. With Marta, we spent 30 minutes listening to her tell us a story about how she use to live on the coast and someone stole her cows. I seriously love this old woman! When we got home, Hrma. Molinar called the nurse to talk about her ankle problems. We were told that we could not go out and that she needed to rest and ice her ankle all day.

This day was an extremely long day! We woke up wondering what we were going to do all day. So of course we started with our normal studies! We had a really great discussion and got quite a bit done. Then lunch time came... We did not know what to do because we had strict orders not to leave and we were going to be obedient. The thought popped into our head to call Marta. Her daughter, Isabel owns a little almuerzo shop. We explained our situation and bless her heart, she brought us lunch! Did I say how much I love this woman! I am still trying to figure out a way to show my appreciation for her. After lunch, we made some no bake cookies and then headed to Quito for a doctor`s appointment. He said that Hrma. Molinar should have complete rest for 2 weeks! 2 weeks! She told him that she could not because she was a missionary so they came to the agreement of reducing our walking amount. We were laughing on the way home because we both had limitations (my knee is better but I still take precautions so that I do not have to go home again...).

At our lunch appointment with our mamita, Hrma. Quilumba, she told us that her brother and his wife (they are in the branch) was really struggling with some things. We made him a card with a bunch of uplifting scriptures. There is a sister in the branch that washed our clothes for us and since we could not pick up our clothes on Tuesday, we decided to stop by. Hrma. Rosario is the sweetest lady in the world! We shared a scripture with her and her family, then they gave us food! Ahhh how I missed pasta!

Another trip to Quito! For another zone meeting! Well actually it was more of a mini zone conference. I was asked to give a spiritual thought, so I talked about how being obedient to the mission rules will always bring blessings.  During our meeting, we talked about reaching our full potential and had a little jumping contest. I beat all the hermanas and some of the elders in my zone. It was really funny to watch how everyone prepared themselves to jump! All the hermanas were holding their skirts. When we got back to Yaruquí, we visited with Yadira, a recent convert who was struggling. We listened to her for a while and shared scriptures to help her out. Later in the evening while we were planning for the next day, we got a call from our zone leaders... Hrma. Molinar was being transferred to Quito... It was really sad to get this news... I helped her packed and went to bed kind of depressed about the whole thing.

Since Hrma. Molinar was being transferred, we decided that on our way to Quito, we would stop by Marta to say goodbye. It was really sad. We got to Quito and had a zone conference with Quito Oeste (West). After the training and taking so many pictures, I said goodbye to Hrma. Molinar and hello to Hrma. Narvaez. I met Hrma. Narvaez before. She was the companion of the mission nurse. Now she is my companion. Hrma. Narvaez is from Argentina and before her mission, she was studying to become a nurse and she speaks absolutely NO English...

Normally when we do our missionary work, Hrma. Molinar sets all the appointments and makes all the phone calls. Since she was transferred and I was the one with the numbers, I attempted to make calls and set appointments. It was kind of a rough day but I survived! I even filled out our informe for Ward counsel all by myself! I am a big kid now! ;) We did not have a mamita today because she now works on Saturdays... We have to find a new mamita.

I was not planning on climbing a mountain today... We went to church and I set a bunch of appointments and set up a bunch of lessons with members! All by myself again! It does not sound like much but it is for me because I never was the one to do it before... After church, we went and made lunch with Familia Dominguez. Hrma. Dominguez is the Young Mens president and Hrma. Dominguez is the Young Womens president. We sent a bunch of appointments for them to accompany us. It helps so much to have members present in lessons. When we left their house, we attempted to find a man that we had contacted earlier in the week. He said he lived way up on the hill (in my opinión, mountain). We walked for who knows how long and to no avail, we could not find him... Another time... Another appointment fell through and I thought we should go visit Veronica and Oscar. They were having some doubts and we were able to help them feel better about their decisions. Ahh! They are just so awesome!

Monday (Today)
So this whole week I have been super stressed out with sudden transfers and a bunch of other things. Thankfully today, I was able to clean the apartment! Nothing makes you feel better than cleaning out the clutter of the apartment! So many people had left clothes and other ítems, it was ridiculous! But now we have a super clean apartment! Hrma. Narvaez and I went to Cumbaya for shopping and food. She and I get along great, even if we do not understand each other 100% of the time!

Like I said before, adventure finds me when I am not looking! I speak completely Spanish now, except for when I am helping Hrma. Narvaez with her English language study or am calling the district leaders. It is quite insane and sometimes I end the day with a major headache from all the translating that I have to do. Oh and we now have a mamita for Saturdays! YAY! I continue to love it here in Yaruquí and love the branch! They are awesome! I hope you are all having an awesome time in all your endeavors! I love all y`all!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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