Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 7 Oh.My.Dogs...

Hola my dear friends and family!

Another crazy week in the life of an hermana! This has been a crazy ride and continues to get crazier and crazier! You can not go two minutes without seeing at least one or two dogs! They are everywhere and always barking. Sometimes it can get a little scary but they never bite us.

Monday (Last week)
So after we finished emailing, we went and had a lesson with an investigator named Byron. He had contacted Hrma. Molinar and her last companion once before but they lost his number or something. Then they ran into him again and tried to set an appointment but something kept happening. We finally got an appointment set and took a ward missionary with us. We talked about the gospel and Joseph Smith and all that fun stuff. It was actually a really good lesson. We challenged him to baptism and he accepted!

We tried to drop off a copy of the Book of Mormon to Byrone but he was not home. We then went to El Vergel where we met with an inactive lady. She spent most of the time showing us pictures of her and her family and telling all the bad stuff her kids do. After we visited with her, we went to Pifo to visit a girl named Genesis. After her, we went to visit Ana with a member and the lesson went great. When we finished with her, we started teaching two cousins, Jose and Julio. They had a ton of questions that were all over the place and it was hard to get them to focus on just one topic.

Adjusting to the mission life can be a little challenging. You pray 9 billion times a day, go to a bunch of meetings, walk all over the place, study for hours, and once a week, you plan the whole week. It is insane how much we do in just a little amount of time! There is never enough time in the day! After planning and lunch, we went out to Oton to visit a family but they were not there. I would say it was a waste of time but it is so gorgeous out in the countryside that I can not really complain. When we got back to Yaruquí, we passed by Isabel`s lunch shop. She gave us soup because she did not sell it all. We visited with Mariella, who was having a bad day and we were able to brighten it! It is always nice to know that simply visiting with someone for a short time can brighten their day.

Another meeting in Quito! This time it was a zone conference. We talked about the power of faith and how it can affect your mission. The meeting felt like it took forever, probably because we were starving. We had to wait to have lunch with the Torres family until almost 4pm! Even though I was super hungry, they gave way too much food! They are super generous to the missionaries but I have a hard time eating everything they give us but it is always really good. And a lot of rice...

While making our calls in the morning to make sure we could visit everyone, almost all of our appointments canceled! It was a little bit of a rough day but at least lunch was good right? Our mamita for Friday owns a shop so we eat in her shop. She made some really good mote (I think that is how you spell it...). We went to Pifo and found two old investigators and set appointments for the next day. On the way back to Yaruquí on the bus, I talked to a lady all by myself without any help from Hrma. Molinar. It was rough but I did it all by myself! I am a big kid now (hahaha). Later in the evening, we had a family home evening night with Veronica and Oscar at the Delgados home. It was awesome!

Our normal mamita for Saturday said she could not have us come over so we went and got lunch at a random Almuerzo tienda. Turns out, it was the one that Veronica works at! It was fun to chat with her for a little bit. Saturday is a really good day to do contacting in the park. We talked to a bunch of people in a really short time. We also took a survery from a bunch of Catholic students. We were suppose to go to Pifo for appointments again but they fell through, so we went to the hermana out in Lvergel. She gave us this awesome stuff called tostada (basically like corn nuts) and I am now addicted to them. Hrma. Molinar and I were laughing, saying we were going to have a hard time coming back to the states because we would be missing Ecuadorian food too much. On our way back to Yaruquí, we usually have to wait for a bus. At the time that we were waiting, there usually is not many buses and it takes forever. A taxi driver pulled over and offered us a ride. We told him that we did not have money but he said that did not matter. What a blessing!

Church was, as always, really good. Even though none of our investigators came, some of our inactives came and Hrma. Molinar gave a talk about Fast Sunday. We had lunch at the Domingues home (there are two Domingues families in the branch and it can get confusing some times). It was a little sad because they told us that L. Tom Perry had passed away. That was heart breaking but I know he is in a better place. We went to teach some investigators for the first time and it was awesome! We talked about the first vision and at first, I was thinking that the lesson was going horrible because the family did not really understand what I was saying and I did not understand them. But! As I was receiting the first vision to them, you could see a change come over the husband. He started to tear up and the wife who was distracted by her little girl, stopped to listen. It was an amazing lesson! He was telling us how when I was talking about Joseph Smith, he felt something very different. Oh words cannot describe my excitement for them!

Later in the evening, we had an appointment with Veronica and Oscar. We asked them why they did not come to church. Normally, you can see in their face that they do not really want to go and will make up some excuse. Not this time. You could see in Oscar`s face that he really wanted to go! By the end of our lesson, we challenge Veronica, Oscar, and Veronica´s sister, Kely, to baptism and they accepted! It was an amazing night and you could see the change in their persona. After their lesson, we were walking home and another taxi driver offered us a ride. We again told him we did not have money but he said that did not matter because he did not think that two girls should be walking around Yaruquí at this late of an hour.

As you can see, a crazy week but an amazing week. Sometimes it is hard to obey the rules of the mission but when you are obedient, Heavenly Father blesses you. We were truly blessed this week with our investigators and random, nice taxi drivers giving us rides that would cost upwards to $5. I love you guys and hope all is well in your part of the world!

Until next time, 
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

PS. For those who were wondering, I get mail every two weeks and they would like it sent to the mission office. There is no other way for me to get mail, I checked. Not a single post office in Yaruquí. So here is the address
Hermana Duff

Misión Ecuador Quito Norte 
Casilla 17-07-9921
Robles E4-151 y Amazonas
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

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