Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 10 I made an old lady cry...

Hey there family and friends!

I say this a lot but I cannot believe another week has passed by! I feel like time just moves so much quicker here! And I am going to have a serious problem when I leave Yaruquí because I love it here way to much and the people here are amazing!

After writing and dropping of our laundry, Hrma. Narvaez and I got to watch a sister defeather a chicken while we were trying to talk to her and her husband. It was a little hard to stay focused... After that, we had a lesson with a new couple, the Chiriboga family. We spent the whole time talking about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon go hand in hand. I love talking with them and after our lessons, they always insist on feeding us something. They offered us coffee and their niece, an old investigator, quickly told them about the Word of Wisdom and how we do not drink coffee. We ended up having this soy drink and bread. Gotta love investigators.

We have our mamita that lives in Pifo. Well last week we were chastized for not calling before we came. This time we were chastized for not calling at 9am like we are suppose to. I tried to apologize and tell her that I did not know because Hrma. Molinar would always do that but she did not listen. I gave up and just listened. After having lunch, we went and talked with Jose, an older gentleman who has A LOT of questions. He wants to know everything about everything and it is hard to get him to focus on one topic. Later, we had correlation with the branch mission leader. On the way to our last appointment for the night, Hrma. Narvaez tripped and almost landed on her face. She is ok, just a slightly sprained ankle. I keep asking myself what is up with my companions and their right ankle?? Yep, just like Hrma. Molinar, Hrma. Narvaez sprained her right ankle...

We had our weekly planning and a few appointments during the afternoon. Later in the evening, we had an appointment with a gentleman. His wife is never home, so we always take a member with us to visit him. We were suppose to met an hermano in the branch to go to our appointment but he never showed up, so we told the gentleman that we could not visit that day and decided to do some contacting in the park.

While leaving to go to our district/zone meetings, I totally forgot my name tag!!! It was the saddest ever! I felt like I was missing a part of me all morning! No one really noticed and when we got back to Yaruquí, we quickly stopped by home so that I could get it. During out meeting, Hrma. Narvaez and I had to make two sandwiches with only one of each of our hands. It looks ridiculous but was really fun! Then we had to eat the sandwiches which was not quite as fun because right after our meeting, we had lunch with our mamita and I could not eat everything she gave me. I felt bad but she understood. I learned today how to clean clothes like an ecuadorian woman! We helped a sister in the branch with her laundry. It is always so much fun to give service!

We had divisions! For the day, I was with Hrma. Fernelius (again!). She came to my sector and Hrma. Narvaez went with her companion. We got so much done and had so much fun talking and laughing, it was a blast. She bought me a little monedero (coin purse) because she knew I was looking for one. She is so sweet!

Hrma. Fernelius and I traveled to Quito to swap back companions. It was sad to say goodbye because I found out that she is going home soon. Hrma. Narvaez and I had to go to Cumbayá in the afternoon for a family history actvity. We went with our investigator Kely and entertained her niece so that she could focus on the movie. We watched Meet the Mormons. I love this movie because it shows the diversity of Mormons around the world and how they do little things to make a huge difference.

I made an old lady cry today... Yep, you read that right... After church and lunch with a family in the branch, we tried to go make contact with someone we met the week prior. We ended up talking to her mom. We talked to her and her husband about the Plan of Salvation. While I was telling her about how we can have perfected bodies after this life, she started crying. I did not know what to do. She told us that she and her husband suffered so much physically. It was great to know that we could comfort her. She gave us soup afterwards. On our way home, we talked to a family and they gave us four huge avacados!! It was awesome! Then a little further down the road, a family travelling home from visiting family, offered us a ride. Turns out that they attend a ward in Quito. At the end of the day, I was so dirty! My legs were completely brown! I joked with Hrma. Narvaez that I was meant to be latina!

My love grows everyday for the people who live here! They are all amazing and genuine people, always willing to help. I learn more and more everyday on how I can be a help to them. I do not think I will ever leave! Just kidding!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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