Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 4 What in the World is going on?

March 26, 2015

Hey Family and Friends!

You could say this past week has been quite the adventure...

Update: My knee is doing really well. (Thank you for all of your prayers... Mom) I can now walk on it and can go most of the day without needing crutches. I can walk up and down stairs extremely slowly but I can walk!!! It is truly a blessing to see my knee improving so quickly. I no longer have the fear of being sent home!
Group of MTC, round 2
I spent most of the day practicing walking in between my classes. Apparently I limped really bad because Hrma. Hull mimicked me and it looked pretty bad but I considered it a blessing that I could put my full weight on it without pain. Unfortunately with all my excitement about walking, O wore myself out. After dinner, I could barely carry myself on my crutches. So we have this thing called CRE where we get to practice teaching but you don't get to know anything about the situation beforehand. I got to be an investigator and it was pretty fun. Elder Wright, one of the Nortes, is apparently a certified hypnotist. He put a couple of Elders in my district under and it was pretty hilarious.

So on Tuesday I went to the hospital with another hermana, right? Well, a really bad stomach flu or something was going around. One of the hermanas ended up passing out in the bathroom and sent the CCM in a panic. It didn't help that these new Latinas were super dramatic. She went to the hospital and it turns out that she had gotten a really bad migraine, a stomach bug, dehydrated, and passed out. She came back from the hospital later that night.
Hrma. Duff with Hrma. Harris
I did not get to go do the proselyting activity today because of my knee. I was super bummer out but nothing I can really do about it. I ended up staying in my room all morning, studying grammar. Later that night, we had a huge Latina hermana fight out in the hallway. There was tons of yelling for 10 minutes. I ended up being the one to break it up and get them all to go to bed. After that, the hermana that had passed out the day before did the same thing. Again, all the dramatic Latinas panicked and were saying that they needed to do some crazy stuff to help her out. They were saying some pretty bizarre stuff like put ice on her leg or make her eat a raw egg... Differences in culture is amazing. She ended up being okay again but she was not allowed to leave for her mission this week. Oh and then another elder in my district passed out and smacked his face on the ground. He has a really bad concussion and cannot remember the past month.

Church was really good today. I actually prepared a talk that I would be proud to give, all in Spanish, but I didn't get chosen. My companion did though. She was so nervous that she speed read. I felt so bad that she was nervous but I thought it was really funny. I was actually able to comment in Relief Society today. I made several comments. Sounds like not a big deal but when trying to understand what super emotional Latinas are trying to say is quite a big deal. We ended up having a testimony meeting for our district meeting and it was so good! Ah I love my district! One of the elders of another district told me that the hermanas in his district thought I should be the leader hermana because all of the hermanas listen to me. I told him I couldn't because I can't speak Spanish enough and I understand even less.

Saying goodbye really sucks I have decided. They were all giving me little trinkets and candies to say goodbye, writing me heart felt notes in Spanish, and telling me that I'm not suppose to like the new Latinas (just like the last ones...). They're funny. Even though we're only together for two weeks, they end up becoming your family. It makes it really hard to say goodbye.
A beautiful hibiscus at the Bogota temple
I wasn't planning on getting up early to say goodbye but all my Latinas woke me up anyways to say goodbye. I miss them already... The temple was amazing as always. Since I was struggling with walking a little bit a temple worker in the dressing room took it upon herself to help me put away my things and escort me to the next part. The old ladies in the temple are just so cute! I am officially on my last two weeks at the CCM which means I get a Latina companion! My companion is from Venezuela. She will be getting here in a couple of hours! I will still be in district Nefi! I'm almost out! Time is flying! AHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited! Now I just got to get my knee back in top physical condition and we'll be all set for Ecuador!
That's my week! It was quite the adventure and soon a new one begins! The elder still doesn't remember much but he's trying to get it back. The other hermana who kept passing out will be flying out later this week. 

I love you all! ¡Les quiero!

Until next time,
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana
Bogota Temple, gorgeous as always

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