Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 15 I have spent over 12 hours in buses this week...

Hola mis queridos familia y amigos! 

Comó le va?This week was spent quite a bit in the bus... I honestly do not know why this week had to be in the buses...
Goofing off out in Pifo
We received a phone call the night before telling us that we would be having divisions again. I was not too excited. We hopped on the bus and made the switch. Hrma. Ccoycca was my companion for the day and of course, we did not have a mamita. Our mamita for Tuesdays for the past month has been in the Coast, so we have either had to eat out, have someone offer us lunch, or make due with what we had in the house. Today, I was the mamita. Hrma Ccoycca and I got quite a bit done and were still able to have fun. She is from Peru and speaks pretty good English. She had me teach her random phrases in English. The mission secretaries were trying to do the random apartment checks to see if our apartment was clean but could not get in because the owner of the home changed the gate lock! HA! It was pretty funny... But we had to make a copy of the key for them...
Hrma. Ccoycca and flowers!
I switched back to Hrma Molinar and bought some flowers for our mamita. She was so excited to get the flowers because the week before, she and I were talking about blue flowers and I saw some blue ones that I thought she would like. Her daughter was probably more excited than she was to get the flowers. We were suppose to switch investigators with the Elders that work in the branch with us. Our investigator moved to their sector and we found out that their recent convert and investigator live in our sector. They told their recent convert that they could not visit her anymore and she started crying. She told them that she did not want anyone else visiting her because she had grown accustomed to elders visiting her. It kind of hurt to know that she did not want us to visit her but it is understandable. We helped Yadira was her laundry instead.
The flowers I bought for our mamita! She loved them!
Quito... again... We had our usual meeting in Quito and Elder James talked about how to contact people more effectively (we have been doing everything he said...). We also talked about the importance of families with the zone leaders. We left Quito and had lunch. After lunch, we went contacting in the park and found 4 families that said we could visit them this week! I am pretty excited to go teach them. 
Stefy and Cesa
Quito... again... again... We had special training for the month today, which meant yet another trip to Quito. We talked about the importance of family history, using pamphlets, and having the Spirit in our lessons. It was quite the day of sitting and listening. The training ended late so we did not get home until 9pm! We did absolutely no missionary work today! I felt so lazy, even though we had the training...
Simon Says!
Our mamita for today was in Santa Domingo, so we called one of our other mamitas that said we can call whenever we lack in mamitas. She happily fed us and we had an awesome time joking with her and her husband. They are seriously the best. When we got back to Yaruquí, we ended up talking to a lady in the park who was crying about not having anyone here in Yaruquí (she was from the Oriente I think). We talked to her for a while and I think we helped, at least I hope we helped. There was a baptism for the elders of a less active family that they recently reactivated. Their son never got baptized. It was great because the dad was able to baptize him. Afterwards, we had a branch noche de hogar (family home evening night). We played "Simón Dice" (Simon Says). It was so much fun to watch everyone participate!
Teaching Lara and Evelyn how to make spaghetti
Church was really good and we had the stake president there. He came to our branch counsel that we have every Sunday. Our branch mission leader is considered a less active, so he said that we needed a new one and this is how he put it, "If you do not have a Young men´s president, that is fine as long as you have a ward mission leader. If you do not have a Elder´s Quorum president, that is fine as long as you have a ward mission leader. If you do not have a branch president, that is fine as long as you have a ward mission leader!" It was pretty funny because our Young Men and Elders Quorum presidents got up and said "Great! We do not need to be here! Let´s go!" After branch counsel, we went over to our mamita´s home to make lunch with some of the young women for their Personal Progress. I taught them how to make spaghetti. It turned out pretty good (I did not think it would turn out good...). Later in the evening, we had another noche de hogar with Mariella and her son. Her son does not like to come to church but slowly, we are getting him to sit in on the lessons. I have high hopes for him. After our lesson, I taught her and her visiting teachers how to make caramel popcorn. They have all promised me recipes if I keep teaching them treats.

Teaching how to make caramel popcorn = huge success! 
Today we had a district activity. We were suppose to go bowling but that did not work out. We got pizza instead! Even though it was not American, it was still pretty good. When we got back to Yaruquí, Hrma Molinar and I spent 45 minutes walking to find a cabina to write because the two places we go to usually, did not have any power but we finally prevailed!
Hrma Dominguez, Hrma Quilumba, Yadira, and Mariella
That is my week! And I get to go to Quito again tomorrow morning for Hrma Molinar´s ankles. Wish me luck!

Until next time, 
The Strawberry Blonde Hermana

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